Thursday, May 11, 2006

things i have made

this whole public diary business is kind of weird, i am not really sure why im doing it ...i guess its very inspiring to see all the amazing things other people have knitted and then how they fit it in with their crazy lives. and i have always kept a diary of some sort, just not very regular with it, and this seems like a good way to keep track of whats happening and not get lost in my head as i tend to do.

so in lieu of having anything more intelligent to say right now, i am putting up some pictures of other things i have made and kept - have made lots of scarves etc but tend to give them away.

these are two scarves that i have kept, the pink one is made from nundle mohair in dusky rose, my favourite colour of theirs. i made a hat and tried also to make a jumper in this but no sooner did i put the hat on then i realised i was slightly allergic to mohair. this is supersoft mohair, its gorgeous, but it makes me itch and go a bit red. so i dont wear this one very often but it looks nice hanging up. the other one is a rough one i just made in some cleckheaton country print to take to herding. it has already hit the dust a few times and is not the softest wool ever, but does the job. its knitted in a stocking stitch, reverse stocking stitch pattern so that it gets ridges in it but it doesnt show up real well in the mottled wool. nice earthy colours tho.

this is my pride and joy really, apart from trents jumper. its another nundle kit - adult pagan in red with camel trim. this wool is awesome. its twenty ply knitted on 10mm needles so its superchunky, but is soft as silk and is the warmest thing ive ever worn. its too warm really. its for night times around the camp fire! its got a sewn on hood which was hard for a beginner, and i dont think i did it right cos it looks a bit weird when i wear it, but its sooo cute! its suposed to have pompoms but i thought that was bit much! the red doesnt show up right here, it is super fire engine red. amazing.

this is my recent big project, i finished it just in time to take to amsterdam and was a god send over there where it was still cold enough to snow. in march. again its just plain old cleckheaton because its cheap but its their merino so its pretty soft and is nice and baggy, one of those real winter wonders. its knitted on 5mm so took a while and im happy with it because i had to pick up and knit the collar which is the first time ive done that myself (i got help on trents jumper) and it fits great... why is it so hard to find plus size patterns? i got this pattern from tapestry craft in sydney (what a great shop) and the pagan jumper i just upsized myself (and hence made it too big) but i would like to knit some nice bigger things without needing a maths degree, maths not being my strong point. (is that not the understatement of the century).

anyway, thats all for now while i go set up this flickr site.



Taphophile said...

You've made some lovely things. :) Just got the latest "Big Girl Knits" if you're in need of some larger patterns. Hope to see you at an SnB soon. :)

Jejune said...

Hi there Kylie - love the Blog, well done :) Cleckheaton Merino is just gorgeous wool, and your jumper looks great! Hope to catch up with you soon :)