Monday, May 15, 2006

the next big thing

i picked up the wool for trents next jumper this morning from the shearing shed in manuka. its jo sharp dk wool in bullrush and i am making the jumper in the picture. doesnt sound too hard...famous last words!

joody was talking on her blog about the problems with wool shops in canberra. its true i have been a bit disappointed. youd think you move somewhere with a winter climate that wool shops would be the happening thing. so far i have been to cassidys at jamison which is this strange old ladies clothes shop with a wool section down the back, not a large range but a good basic one nicely organised, good needle selection, good patterns. the other place i have been is the shearing shed at manuka which has a hug range, much too big for the small shop and so its completely overcrowded and really disorganised, and i get completely overwhelmed. but the service has been good, i ordered this wool last tues i think and it arrived on friday so thats pretty good.

but everything here is better than wollongong where we only had spotlight, so i ordered most of my wool over the internet, usually from nundle. there was a great place in gerringong, the old schoolhouse wool workshop, i got some really nice brittany wood needles there and some lovely bendigo wool mill yarn. they were very big on the felting there (not really my thing) but it closed down a while ago. shame.

anyway i cant start this jumper until i finish the scarf i am making him (its a chequerboard pattern, so its in lots of k5 and p5 which im sure is very simple but seems to be taking me a while and it seems my maths skills dont really extend to counting to 5 properly. it is hard to concentrate when youre trying to knit in front of the tv!!). i still have the rug on the go but thats like a weekend job - i usually dont try and do two things at once but now that i have started the rug i really want to finish it, tho i am not entirely happy with the colours.

had a nice weekend at home, no dog things for a change. we went and watched the tahs loose to the hurricanes at all bar nun in oconnor on sat night, was a good atmosphere there tho next year we are definately going to get foxtel just to watch the rugby. was a great game even tho we lost, some bad handling errors. need to beat them in the semi final rematch next week but thats in new zealand. dont like our chances. not to mention the wendell sailor thing. but hope springs eternal. go the tahs!


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Jejune said...

The jumper pattern looks gorgeous, Kylie :)

Yeah, wool shops here is a bit of a problem... Cassidy's has the best general range, with plenty of yarn in stock all the time (even during summer, when the other shops just seemed to stop getting yarn!)... yes, it is a funny old-fashioned style department store, isn't it!

Love to see pics of the scarf when it's done!