Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the morning of the day after

so now i have a blog. should i say something about myself...i like riding horses and meeting people? just kidding. im allergic to horses and dont really like meeting new people, which is why i force myself to do it or else i would just be sitting at home my whole life. knitting.

so about me. im 37 and have a long term partner trent who is lovely and supportive and kind and caring and frustrating all at once, just like me i suspect (the frustrating part that is)! we have two dogs, jem and possum. jem is an australian cattle dog and is a champion sports dog - flyball, agility. his dad's a little obsessed on that front. possum is a koolie (an australian sheep dog descended from a german sheepdog with some kelpie mixed in) and she is still young and quite mad. like a kelpie on caffeine. she is very affectionate and independent, and likes to round everything up. i am learning to work sheep with her. shes a natural, im hopeless, even though i lived on a working sheep farm for most of my teenage years!

i am back at uni after trying my hand in the workforce off and on for ten years. im doing a phd now in australian history but its not your usual narrative history. i have a thing about history being misused for political purposes. but you can read the book when it comes out. i have recently been to amsterdam for a conference which was awesome, i will put some pictures up later. i am going to america later this year for another conference, and have two journal articles and a book chapter coming out soon. my favourite thing in the world is reading. the classics (virginia woolf, henry james, dickens) and literary fiction (david foster wallace, jonathon franzen, zadie smith). more about that elsewhere.

and i am a knitting freak. i am self-taught, i picked it up a couple of years ago with some other knitting freaks at uni (thanks deb, jasmin, renee and erin!) and have now knitted a number of scarves, weird hats and three jumpers. the best jumper ive made is the green one with nundle wool for trent. i will put pictures of those up somewhere too. at the moment i am working on a throw rug and some things from a jo sharp book, a scarf for me and for trent, and about to start another jumper for trent.

i live in canberra at the moment but am originally from sydney and then tamworth. trent and i have lived in chippendale in the inner city of sydney and then towradgi, on the beach at wollongong, and then out in the country at jamberoo, before moving here for his work. i love canberra, i came to uni here when i first left school eons ago. its autumn at the moment, foggy and leaves underfoot, beautiful.

anyway, once i figure out how to work this thing there will be more to see here....later....

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