Wednesday, May 10, 2006

of dogs, sheep and wool

had a great weekend pretending to be farmer joe rounding up sheep with the dogs. trent works with jem who is defiant and obstinant (typical cattle dog) and i work with possum who is mental and hyper. she knows just what to do with sheep and the task is for me to learn to control her.

this is me and poss with robert the instructor. hes the one in the hat. we're busy freezing our arses off at michelago on the road to cooma!

i think one day we will do yard dog trials together, it has been very beneficial for her confidence and for my relationship with her. trent has made a flickr website of some pix from the weekend, check it out here. if we had kids we'd be like the WORST sort of soccer parents...

meanwhile i am knitting like a mad thing, a chequer board pattern scarf for trent, just out of some cleckheaton, and a stripey throw rug using some inca and mohair.

this green jumper is the first big thing i knitted after scarves etc. its a nundle wool mill pattern with nundle wool in moss. i have ordered some wool to make trent another jumper, this time a jo sharp pattern with jo sharp wool. hmm. yummy. i have had to order it in, should get here next week. its the rib jumper inthe new knit magazine (here) but im doing it in a brown (bullrush) rather than the grey. knitknitknit...too much knitting not enough time....

meanwhile, i am going to create another post soon - or perhaps a flickr site - with my pix from amsterdam so stay tuned.


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