Thursday, May 25, 2006

the eternal quest

hi guys, whoever happens to be reading today. i have a question. i am on the eternal quest for the perfect knitting bag. there are heaps of groovy ones in the states but they wont sell to us down here...and apart from that, i would actually like to make my own, like a knitted one. there is a picture of one in the latest creative knitting (new issue out today) (see page 92) that says they had the pattern in issue 14 which i missed. does anyone have this pattern or something like it? what do the rest of you use? at the moment i am carrying around a basket like an old lady...sorry but you know what i mean... im not 40 yet and baskets remind me of my mother...anyway any ideas appreciated!


ps - canberra snb-ers...i knitted by myself in front of the fire at starbucks for a while today but only my husband came to join me (isnt he sweet? and he doesnt even knit). but thats ok, it was nice to get out of the house and away from the demon that is my thesis....i swear if i could take a knife to it i would. but i will be at the next thurs night one so hopefully see some of you there.


Taphophile said...

Sorry you were on your own at Starbucks. Stick to it, it will pick up.

There's no such thing as the perfect knitting bag. There are knitting bags suitable for projects, but I can't stick to just one bag.

The closest I've seen are the Jordana Paige bags (but tres expensive). The one I use most at the moment is a stylish and light bag that's a cross between a briefcase and a handbag and is made out of plain black microfibre. It has two compartments, good for dividing projects or bits of projects from each other and for ease of access, lots of pockets on the inside to hold keys, wallet, mobile, sunglasses and knitting tool kit, a padded divider with pockets either side just big enough for the working copy of my pattern, handles and a shoulder strap that is long enough to sling messenger style so I can knit while I'm waiting in queues, walking etc. I find the shoulder ones slip off too easily or I my tension is off because I'm having to hunch one shoulder to keep the bag from falling off. I bought it on sale at Grace Bros a few years ago. It's the "Hands Free" by Kangarina's not big enough to hold all the bits of a large item, though. Sometimes I need to supplement it with a tote. I find it's great camoflauge for knitting at work and looks better with my business clothes than the more casual denim tote that I also use.

For "in handbag or backpack" small projects, I use the cotton bags that basmati rice comes in. I recommend oversewing the inside seams before using them - just a close zig zag stitch is fine if you don't have an overlocker - because they fray badly and the seam could use a bit of reinforcement. Other people use the ziplock glad bags.

kylie said...

hi taph i enjoyed my little sojourn into town regardless, and will continue to hang out on thecomfy lounges in front of the fire while i can! (a regular type job might be looking on the horizon which would be a pain really). ive seen those jordana paige bags, they are something else, but yes something like $200 Australian...and youre so right about different projects and different venues needing different this afternoon im off to the movies with my dearly beloved and dont want to shlep a whole basket in, so a canvas book bag inside the regular largish handbag will do. but then if youre going out for a while and youre going to need to change wool or cut something, you need to have your all bits! i really like these kangarina designs, they are almost exactly what im looking for so i might follow up on that. i promise not to get the hands free so people wont think i copied!! thanks for your suggestions, hope to see you thurs night.

kylie said...

i just noticed that tapestry craft in sydney have the jordana paige bags on sale via their website, a bit cheaper than usual...hmmmm....

Taphophile said...

*sigh* - don't tempt me. Thankfully I'm too mean to pay postage and I won't be in Sydney again until December.

If the "Hands Free" suits you I won't think you're a copy cat at all. ;)

happyspider said...

hi kylie,
the pattern you're referring to is a felted bag made from stash yarn. i do have this magazine and will try to locate it for you to bring this evening, but i dont know how effective it will be as a 'pret-a-porter' bag. it really looks more of a heavy basket type thing for inconspicous loungeroom knitting storage.
nothing like a nice tote i find :)
pen xo

Tracey said...

Hi Kylie,
I have the magazine with the pattern for the felted storage bag. I can try to scan it and email it to you or copy it and post it to you if you are still looking for it? Also there are some cool patterns for various bags at to purchase as well as a one free pattern.
:-) Tracey

kylie said...

thanks tracey
i have given up on the eternal quest although i do like some of these things on this website. thanks for the link!