Wednesday, May 17, 2006

a very naughty girl

i couldnt help myself i cast on and then did the first two rows of trents new jumper. the wool was just sitting there, crying at me. what was i to do? its beautiful and soft like it has silk in it and the pattern is already showing. took me ages to make sure i had actually cast on the correct amount of stitches! the first picture is blurry but shows the colour better (its called bullrush but is a warm light brown) and the second one shows my perhaps a little too loose cast on!

meanwhile the chequerboard scarf continues slowly. it sits at around trents chest so needs to come down to his abdomen i think, but not as long as his waist. still another 20 or so cms i think.

i am taking both these projects with me down to wollongong this weekend, i am going tomorrow morning and taking ms possum with me! she is going to stay at aunty deborahs with me and play with her boyfriend tali while i go to uni and have meetings etc. then thurs night i think i will cook dinner for deb for a change and then have a nice long walk on the beach friday morning before heading back into uni for a seminar. we are meeting up with friends etc for a friday night at the bar which will be great. trent will be here by himself and says he will go to oconnor to watch the tahs game. i can watch it at the uni bar...go the tahs!

then sat i am going up to camden to do one day of herding practice with possum before driving back sat night and then going to help out with the flyball comp thats part of the million paws walk on sunday. this means i will miss the celebration of wool at the markets, and sunday snb but i promised trent to help ages ago and hes judging and everything, so what can i do?!!

so nothing more from me till monday. have a great weekend.



happyspider said...

ooh a very lush brown, i dont blame you for casting on. i mean, seriously, its not like you had a choice! it would be yarn abuse to leave it weeping sadly in the corner. and you can wear scarves right into spring... whats the rush?
(if you end up with as many things OTN as me... its totally not my fault)

kylie said...

oh it IS so totally your fault! i never knew multi-tasking was possible until i saw what you have OTN!!! :)

Taphophile said...

Yep, definitely Spidey's fault. Startitis is contagious and she's ground zero ;)

The brown is lovely and responing well to the stitch. Hope your weekend went well.