Wednesday, August 09, 2006


so i get all excited about my lovely nearly finished jumper with the perfect invisible seams of which i only had to redo one section on the sleeve because the ends didnt match, and i manage to pick up and knit the perfect amount of stitches around the neck and i set off my circular needles to do one round knit, one round rib: k3 p1 k1 p1 repeat (which is the opposite to the rib pattern in the body and the sleeves because now its in the round and knits become purls and purls become knits - what the?). i think its going pretty well:

until i take a closer look:

yes thats right there is rib along the back of the neck and plain old stocking stitch along the front of the neck. how did i achieve this feat of knitting wizardry, i hear you ask? easy. i marked the wrong place for the start of the round and started the plain knit too early, doing too little of the rib. yes yes very clever i know. so now i have to rip it back. ive never ripped back in the round before and i really dont want to have re-pick up all those stitches so it will require some attention and fine motor skills, of which i appear to be sadly lacking at the moment. note to pharmaceutical companies: where it says 'dont operate heavy machinery' it should also say 'dont try to knit anything too complicated or you'll get really upset'. hmmm.

but at least i have cute puppies. yesterday:

i had put their beds outside to air out, thats possums blue one turned upside down that jem suddenly decided he found quite comfortable. well it was 11am and there was still frost on the ground. love those minus six starts to the day.

this morning:

jem has decided that having possum close to him (which he usually hates) is the lesser of two evils, the other being forced to relinquish his favourite spot by the window from which he can observe my every move.

i have set myself a thesis related task this morning and will not touch the jumper until its done. also i heard from someone that one of my supers is giving his other students a hard time as well so that helps to know its not personal!

have a good one
k :)


Jejune said...

Oh argh and grrr indeed - ripping back is a pain :/ Well, leave it til it doesn't make you so cross, and can deal with the inevitability of having to do it again.

Very cute puppies (although hardly PUPPIES, more like big dogs!) - I'm not surprised they're letting go of past animosities to huddle together on these frosty mornings!

And yes, it's some slight consolation to know that your thesis advisor is giving everyone a rough time... at least you're not being singled out, and it probably also means that what you've written IS actually perfectly fine, and he's just being nasty to all and sundry without exception. Courage in the face of thesis supervisors!

kylie said...

no they're not exactly chihuahaus are they?! (which is unfortunate becaue they wont wear anything cute like dinosaur jumpers). but the cattle dog actually makes quite a good lap dog :) and yes that one little bit of info re supervisor has helped put things back in perspective!

Taphophile said...

Cute puppies always help. They can always be relied on for a cuddle and, if necessary, to be set upon nasty supervisors. ;)