Tuesday, August 08, 2006

slowly slowly...

ever so slowly things are improving...the rash is fading and the medication is not having such a strong impact as at first. did i mention i really f***ing hate being out-of-sorts? i have been feeling very anti-social and as though under my doona is the only place i want to be but thats starting to shift as well and am starting to look forward to a few days at debs in the gong this weekend.

slowly the words are returning - yesterday i read an article and today i have added some stuff to the abandoned chapter....had visions of burning it all and dancing around the bonfire in some kind of frenzied pagan ritual but have busied myself with housework instead. which i also really hate but it seems like more fun than the thesis right now! but i figure it doesnt really matter how i feel about it, i just need to write it anyway and i do feel better for having done some this morning. i have organised a meeting with the head of postgrad studies for this thurs to 'get some advice'.

trent started his new job and seems to have slotted right in, i always knew he would be good in a leadership role so im very happy for him.

and most importantly the jumper is so close its excrutiating. now that i figured them out i think invisible seams are the best thing ever invented and it really looks awesome, although they are hard to do on the increases on the pattern sleeve. socks are put aside for now, eyes are a bit too sore for such minute detail but as soon as the jumper is done i promise to return to my sock fetish with renewed vigour...and also to get me to an snb sometime soon.



Margie said...

The mental picture of you preparing to run through a bonfire and then thinking, no, housework would be better, is hilarious.
Glad to hear things are on the up.

kylie said...

it is hilarious considering how much i hate housework!! i guess i just never expected this thing to be such a roller coaster ride but im hanging in there! it would appear that many have been there before me and lived to tell :)