Tuesday, August 15, 2006


well its all happening here...the jumper is finished and word from the fashionistas is that the sleeves look ok in person. i have gone back to my purple rain socks but i feel weird only have one thing going at a time....thanks spidey! words have been re-written on the chapter that narrowly missed the bonfire and they are low in quantity but high in quality. also i have started swimming again...got myself up to 2kms a day at the end of summer but need to work back up to it. makes me feel good, tho i dont know if the chlorine is good for my skin but hey, what am i supposed to do, become a hermit? i think not. meanwhile we finally splashed out and bought a new computer - just the tower part cos the monitors fine but the machine we have is too slow for the nerd. and then theres that blue screen of death thing. this new one is silver and black and really really fast but might take a few days to get everything transferred across so if i disappear thats where i am. have saved chapters etc onto cds so all should be fine. i thought of not doing that and then going to my supervisors and doing that 'the computer ate my homework' thing but thought better of it.

going now. back soon.
k :)


Margie said...

Where on earth are you swimming? It's still so freaking COLD!

kylie said...

indoors... heated... dont you worry about that! CISAC at belconnen, great venue. im slightly faster than the oldies :)

Jejune said...

Congrats on the new computer and getting back into swimming - I'm trying to get back into cycling (in a very modest way) - the bike has had a full tidy up from hubby, now I just have to get ON it and GO somewhere. Living on a frigging steep hill doesn't help matters!

Need more distractions? Why not knit a hat? Or some finger puppets? There are the cutest patterns here at the Chester Zoo of all places. The elephant is adorable, if fiddly!