Thursday, August 03, 2006

seams and things

the excessive amount of blogging this past week or so has nothing whatsoever to do with any form of procrastination. stop that thought right now.

but while im here i might as well tell you whats been going on. firstly i am not going to SnB tonight AGAIN because i went to the doctor this morning for this rash ive had which i thought was just from excessively dry skin or some kind of allergic reaction and she said its an actual skin infection of sorts exacerbated by stress and i have to have this cream and these pills that make me woozy and make your eyes really light sensitive and you cant go out in the sun (not that thats an issue in canberra at the moment).

so no 'operating heavy machinery' for me! that includes a ford falcon and a swift and ball winder. *sob*

BUT, i had another attempt at my invisible/mattress/running/edge-to-edge (will everyone please just agree to call it the same thing) seam and got it right this time:

look no seams! the fact that this kind of seam seems to be contra-indicated with my medication (ie, makes me dizzy) is of no relevance.

also, i am posting this close up of the sock-in-progress to show ms spider some of the colours i would like to incorporate into my custom made berry-crush self striping sock wool (eg, the burgundy, the lavender and some kind of pink).

cos i dont have enough sock wool to go on with or anything. (cough) no. not nearly enough (cough cough).

so sorry i will miss the frivolities tonight, i was hoping to see margie in her floppy hat! go dr margie.

back to the seams.



happyspider said...

i can SO do that.. question is.. how many stripes do you want? because i can do three - burgundy, violet and pink. or.. plum, burundy, purple, pink. or... well you see where i'm going with this, i can get endless variations of tone that if appropriately placed will make nice stripes. so.. between 3 and 6 is feasable..
let me know :) and feel better soon.

Taphophile said...

You clever thing - the jumper's looking great. Hope the drugs are taking adequate effect. :)

kylie said...

feeling much better now and stripes...hmmm....i like the sound of the four combination you're offering there!! but really whatevers easiest for you of those two combos would be great!
thanks spidey.

Margie said...

Seams are looking good! I always seem to end up doing mine five times over too.

Thanks for the cheer squad encouragement!

Hope you are feeling much better now.

Jejune said...

Hope the meds and cream are having a good effect - I can relate.... I have to use medicated skin cream twice a day for one of those fun 'there's no cure, and it won't ever go away, and if it starts affecting your eyes CALL US, but this cream might help a bit. Oh, and by the way, avoid sunlight, spicy foods, alcohol, and definitely AVOID LAUGHING" skin conditions.

The jumper looks great! I did my best at the supposedly invisible mattress stitchy thing on hubby's jumper, but it doesn't look so invisible to me... not sure if I did it correctly, but it's holding together which is the main thing! :)

Congrats on the sock (even if it's been temporarily abandoned). Socks are used to such treatment, and can cope with being ignored ;)

kylie said...

lol, thats the exact sme cream! and the tablets are like that but three times worse...i love western medicine, so precise! but really it has faded and im feeling much better and the seams are still good, its just the neck thats the problem now. oh to be back with my lovely socks!