Wednesday, August 02, 2006

works in progress

while i wait (impatiently, tapping fingers) for my motivation to write to return, i am distracting myself with all things fibrous. hence, trents jumper parts:

i dont think i will block it properly, it says in the pattern to just press with a damp cloth and then sew it using edge-to-edge (mattress?) stitch before knitting on the neck band. i hate sewing, im too impatient, but i am going to try and do it properly to do justice to the wool and pattern which are lovely, and also because ive had to frog back too many parts of this to be slack with it now!

i have also started my next pair of socks with some of the hand dyed i bought at the markets, i was originally going to knit these for someone else but i like the colour too much and as ms spider says, i now need handknitted socks for every day of the week. i was too impatient to wait for thurs night and the swift and ball winder so i wound it by hand, only got one tangle at the end. i call this 'purple rain':

sorry its blurry, the flash drains all the colour out of it. its lovely and soft. my casting on in a round needs some work tho!

pressing of jumper parts awaits...


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Taphophile said...

Almost there with the jumper - woo hoo. Love the sock wool; very scrummy.