Saturday, August 12, 2006

todays creations

have returned from a lovely few days in the 'gong...caught up with some people, got some advice. think everything thesis wise will be ok now, so long as i can keep writing! was nice to hang with deb as usual. long drive home tho, didnt stop the whole way and now im tired but glad to be home. who would have thought you could miss your dogs so much in just two days? oh and trent of course.

speaking of which, here he is in his new jumper.

handsome devil isnt he :) the pic doesnt do justice to the jumper, youd think id notice the slight shadow and make him take his hands out of his pockets but you get the idea. heres a closer shot of the actual garment!

i am really happy with the seams, my neck-artistry still needs some work and i think the pattern is much too generous in the upper arms. its not just the fact that the once gym-junkie is now a desk-bound computer nerd - the picture in the book shows too big arms as well. i might think about getting some help to take them in. or else make him go back to the gym.

i also made a cake this arvo - i took the ingredients down to debs but didnt get a chance to make it. its an almond, cherry and yoghurt cake.

it has no butter and hardly any sugar hence it gets served with cherry syrup over the top. no trent you cant have cream with that!

anyway thats enough for this weekend, i think i need to sleep for about three days straight now.

hope youre all having good ones.

k :)


happyspider said...

sweater looks great! the sleeves might not look too big after a wash or too.. block and squish!
and i totally want a slice of that cake :p

Taphophile said...

Wow, it's the week for hubby/jumper show off! Yours looks lovely - both of them. I'll help polish off that cake, too. Cherries, particularly sour cherries, are a favourite.

Margie said...

Jumper looks great. Men like things roomy anyway, ne?

kylie said...

yes he was very specific about not making the neck too tight! and people have seen it on him now and think it looks i need a new big project....