Wednesday, August 23, 2006

raining purple part one

here is the first 'purple rain' sock, made using waratah handpainted 5ply.

something weird happened in the cast-on and i can not bring myself to do 4 cms of single rib over three needles, so its a little loose on the leg, might make the second one a bit smaller. also i am still nervous that i dont have enough wool for the second one. it's supposed to be 100g and the pattern should easily fit that, but my ball kept dwindling before my eyes. but "spider says" it will be ok, so it will be ok.

also i was a naughty girl and did a three needle cast off instead of grafting but i dont think you can tell really. i have laid the sock twisted here so you can see the cast off. looks good on, like a big hairy bruise!

swam 1500m today in 40 minutes. at least i was faster than the 80 year old man in the lane next to me. not headed for the olympics anytime soon!

off to wollongong on friday (no supervision. yay) and then herding this weekend so until next week, ta ta.

k :)


Taphophile said...

Sock is indeed a thing of beauty. I know you prefer stripes but I love the randomness of the colourway. Have a great trip. :)

happyspider said...

it's BEAUTIFUL, welll done you :)