Monday, April 02, 2007

knitting in fields with sheep

this weekend was spent in the wilds of camden chasing sheep around a paddock. possum and i are much improved after our one-on-one lesson last weekend - a few simple things needed to change between us and i have seen immediate results. she worked much calmer and with more reference to me, and if i could just remember where i needed to stand we would have better success at moving the actual sheep around. here are a couple of pix:

you cant tell from these pix how much things have changed for us, but the fact that possum is not just a brown blur rushing past the camera should say something. here is a reference to the good old days:

this is the board that robert uses to assign everyone a turn in the ring etc. i was first. he wasnt sure who would end up working the sheep, me or possum. it looks like i won in the end tho! a great weekend for us as a team.

it was also a great weekend socially, drinking coffee with jo and dave and seeing daves little kelpie puppy annie (who happens to come from show stock) show up the rest of us with her natural ability! cute.

sat night we went to a trivia night fundraiser for the flyball club and our table of five (jo, dave, trent, kylie and amber) (called the happy choppers in reference to our recent tupperware purchases, which we picked up on the weekend and am still busy playing with...) beat everyone else. we only had to spend about $50 to bribe the judges for the right answers, so not bad really.

i also got some considerable knitting done. here i am knitting in a field with sheep:

here is the lovely jessica who works her border collie BC and who happens to c*****t but i wont hold that against her.

she is a nice girl otherwise :) and the blanket shes making is really nice actually.

here is the progress of said knitting - the second of trent's socks which should be finished tomorrow night:

and the back of the wrap, complete with shaping:

how fast things go with addi turbos!! its nearly time to start the arm holes apparently!?

and again i have a mountain of washing to do.

k xx


Fernicle said...

Camden must be doing okay, I can't really remember the last time I saw sheep and green grass in the same paddock!!

Taphophile said...

Hmm. Knitting, dogs, coffee, crafting mates - sounds like a pretty good weekend. :)

kylie said...

hey fern, there has been good rain along the coast but its still pretty bad west of bathurst. but it was lovely to see camden with thigh-high grass instead of the dust bowl it was 6 weeks ago!