Monday, July 02, 2007

almost perfect

thanks everyone for the kind words after last weeks tribulations. things have been improving, including, importantly, my blood pressure. i finally got back to the gym to do my induction thingy and had a different instructor, a very nice young woman, who measured my BP properly and got a better reading even than my doctor. we like her. she showed me around and i did some walking on the machine and a circuit of weightlifting. i used to do weights at some of the meat-head gyms in sydney, and that was kind of intimidating. this was most relaxed and even, dare i say, fun. i like the whole big-screen loud music thing. even tho i was a bit sore, i went back on sunday and did a class. yes i know, its scary. whats even scarier is that i kind of kept up and (dont tell anyone) had fun. today i am so sore i can hardly move so im 'resting'. i took the dogs up the beach instead:

beautiful day.

this morning i have been working on my chapter for the book im co-editting, its actually fitting together quite well (its a rewrite of the italy paper) and should have something passable by the end of the day, in time for a meeting with the other editor tomorrow.

the only thing that makes today almost perfect instead of actually perfect, is that i dont have more time in which to knit the rest of the baby jacket. i need it done by saturday for the baby shower, and i am halfway up the first sleeve. i went to craplight to get some smaller needles for it and was shocked at the mess that passes for a knitting section and the almost complete lack of decent wool. like, no patonyle. in fact, no 4 ply at all that wasnt baby wool. how am i to make socks i ask? dont they wear wool socks here? very distressing.

i didnt get to the local snb on saturday to ask about this because we had flyball training, we are trying to get two new dogs ready for a comp in albury in three weeks. someone had the indecency to make me run even after i had been to the gym. rude.

by the way, i had some broccoli with my roast chook last night and am going to marinate the tofu for a vegetarian noodle stir fry thing for tomorrow. i will let you know how it goes :)
k xx


Georgie said...

You are cruel, evil and dastardly indeed, posting pics like that while we shiver down here. Humpf.

Way to go, gym bunny, glad youre enjoying it! And broccoli too! With that tofu, my advice is to cut it fairly small (say a little less than 2 cm cubes) so the marinade gets in and there's not big mouthfuls of it, and to give it a good charring in the wok too.

As for sock wool, come and have a word my shell-like, I might be able to see ya right.....nudge nudge, wink wink.

Jejune said...

Look out for George, she is the new sock pusher, um, enabler on the block ;)

The beach just looks gorgeous... what a view. I'm so glad that your gym experience is getting better and you're having fun too (the main thing if exercise is going to last).

Good luck with getting the cardigan ready in time!