Friday, November 23, 2007

because its pretty

in order to balance the man-car rant, i am reposting a picture of waving lace one. because i can. because this is a 'knitting blog'. because its pretty. and because i have cast on number two already.

this one has a slightly different colour because the sun came out from behind clouds.

did i mention i did a proper toe graft?

k xx


Taphophile said...

Ah, pretty. Very proud you did a proper toe. I hate doing it - I can, but I hate it. I'm always so tempted to make a cat's bum out of it and be done.

TinkingBell said...

Pretty sock - I like grafting - because I like the grafted toes so much (am I weird?) - Sorry to hear about your travails (man and machine) Men are like that - I sent Husby to the supermarket with shopping list which included the line item - stuffed olives - he cam back with 4 - who buys 4 stuffed olives - when heatedly questioned about why you'd even bother buying 4 stuffed olives he said 1 - I hadn't told him how many (by writing the number on the list!!!!) and 2 he didn't like stuffed olives - I exploded - you buy them in little containers for gawwsake 4 stuffed olives - Men!!

Bells said...

I just love these and could look at many photos!

I thought of you today as I cast on this sock and promptly screwed it up. I wonder where I'm going wrong because it didn't look as nice as yours.