Thursday, November 22, 2007

the car hates me

even i will admit this is a weird topic to blog about but i am pretty sure that the car hates me. personally speaking. it has not been a fan of trent at times, but right now it really hates me.

let me explain. only a week or two before we left the can, trent reverses out of a petrol station and smacks the side of the car (rear left) into one of those signs they put at the end of the bowsers. (it was the shell at charnwood if you care). we had to wait until we had moved and recovered from that financial mess before we could afford the $500 excess to have it fixed. poor trent, he feels like crap, we have no money, guilt and anger all round. horrible.

we get down here to the gong and we get it fixed. nice repair job, bumper bar fixed, spray painted door and rear panel etc.

about three months later im getting petrol at our local servo (freedom fuel at towradgi, again, in case you want to avoid an obviously cursed petrol station). when i come out from paying, a petrol tanker has pulled in and is blocking me from reversing, so i must inch forward and try and manouver past it at the front. a guy is trying to help me, i try to follow his direction. smack. rear left of car h its front of petrol tanker. exactly the same spot. another $500 excess. poor kylie, she feels like crap, we have no money, guilt and anger all around. horrible.

but we get it fixed again, same place. nice repair job, new bumper bar this time, spray painted door and rear panel etc.

since then, kylie has been soooo careful with said car its a wonder i get anywhere. ok, i drive too fast, but when i am in tight spots i move very slowly and carefully.

so what do i do this morning? im taking trent to the train station. to do that i have to reverse the car out of a long tight driveway. i do it every day, sometimes more than once. i feel like im starting to get the hang of reversing in a straight line (who would have thought that could be so problematic?) today i have put the dogs in the back of the car. it is raining and i havent windscreenwiped yet. there is a stupid annoying song on triple j that i comment on as i reverse. i tell the dogs to lie down cos i cant see clearly. i think, i am too far over on the right. i hear and feel a bump and stop. i have hit the mail box at the end of the driveway. yep, same spot, rear left door etc.

this time i have just scraped the paint and it will probably get away with a touch up job. but still. kylie feels like crap. we have no money. guilt and anger all around. horrible.

now i must spend my morning getting quotes on repair jobs and dealing with mechanic types rather than writing. and feeling sick at the thought of having to spend money on a car that so obviously hates me when we are trying so hard to save right now.

grrr. not happy jan.

k >:-(

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Taphophile said...

Soooo frustrating!

Strength to you.