Monday, November 26, 2007

i made this

i am no nigella and this is no mouthfuls of heaven but there was a bit of a bake fest going on here last friday. first i made lamb rissoles to have cold for lunch on saturday using a 'secret ingredient', now not so secret. you know those tubs of chunky dip you get in the supermarket, chilli, cashews and parmesan etc. and they come in heaps of flavours? well tip a whole one of those into a kilo of mince (i used the spicy tomato and basil one) and see what happens.

i also baked chocolate chip cookies:

and put together a strawberry and cream sponge for someones birthday (please note, i did not actually COOK the sponge part):

then we spent saturday doing flyball up in sydney until well into the night, where all these goodies were consumed. i ran possum cos trent was judging and i came away very sore. and im not the one doing the running. sheesh.

today i made this:

3000 words from scratch, a paper i am giving on wednesday at a workshop/conference thingy. thats where i will be for the next two days.

and i am soooo doing a happy dance re: election result. about freakin' time.

catch you thursday.

k xx


Rose Red said...

I think you are totally a Nigella! That's a great idea for rissoles - must try it!! And your choc chip biscuits look fab (as does the sponge, mmmmmm).

Have fun at the conference (I say as I join you in the happy dance!)

Bells said...

Oh baked goods! Very nice. I like. :-)

Georgie said...

Wow, super creative vibes over your way! I love the rissole idea too - that dip is fabulous stuff. I put it in pasta and risottos too.

Enjoy the junke...*ahme* conference!

TinkingBell said...

Yum - and we are so going to have those rissoles this weekend!!!!