Wednesday, November 21, 2007

it still has no title*

it is with great delight that i submit for your viewing pleasure, Waving Lace One:




this took almost 50g of waratah fibre hand dyed 3ply and i have another skein of 50g for the other one.

i am enjoying this pattern a lot and am thrilled that despite my alterations it fits me perfectly. when i have done the second one i will report in more detail on what i did and what i learnt.

i think i am more proud of this than i am of the fact that i also wrote 1300 words of the pe(n)sky file yesterday.

this morning i am off to have coffee with a new friend, a young female prostgrad. i have a feeling this may restore some balance and will keep me inspired to come back and write more words.

have a good one
k xx

*Edit: it was brought to my attention that my post had no title which means it doesnt show up on RSS feeds apparently. sorry. but i still cant think of a title. also, it is NOT funny to blog about the fact that you have a new friend. and no, she is not imaginary. we had a very nice chat over coffee at north beach, thanks very much.


Taphophile said...

It's so special - clever you. Happy sock hop! (saving the dance for the pair).

Rose Red said...

It's so fabulous! Amazing how different it looks on and off the foot. Yay you. And yay for new friends!

Bells said...

what a great way to present the sock. I am going to steal it, with your permission, of course.

I love it!

And new friends are awesome. I should know. I've made more in the last year than I have in years!

kms said...

but of course you can 'steal it'!! tho i cant say i have yet come up with a way to photograph an 'on' sock that shows the whole sock without making ones leg look like a tree trunk!!

Georgie said...

Lovely work, the colourway is just gorgeous. And yes, nice photography too!

Yay for new friends! There's nothing like finding someone who you just like to spend a little time with who makes you feel good to be around.

Dave said...

New friend? Does this person have a dog? Or does that rule only apply to me? Hmmm