Monday, November 05, 2007

things i learnt about sock knitting

1. always make note of alterations you make to a pattern so that you get two socks the same.

2. in relation to point number one, always carry the first sock around so you can compare them - (do you get the feeling that this yarn has some kind of resistance with the concept of the TOE?):

3. if resizing a sock pattern, try and use some kind of mathematical principle to work out the new stitch count etc rather than just guess work.

4. dont knit lace socks in the car.
5. or in a paddock with dust, flies and sheep poo.
6. when tinking lace socks, remember the yarn overs!
7. dont be attached to whether your lace pattern actually looks like the one in the book, think of it as practice:

oh well. it might not actually be 'waving lace' but there is some kind of pattern there i think. this is nearly at the end of the first repeat and im just going to keep going and see what happens, these are for me, and the wool is not coping with the tinking and frogging and i just REFUSE to knit test swatches for socks, so the first sock will be the test swatch. i am thinking for lace socks you really need the good quality tightly spun wool to deal with the complicated needle work and to keep the pattern showing clearly. im enjoying them tho, they are very pretty :)

i will post later about the events of the weekend in relation to point 5. it was fun.

k xx

edit to add: i forgot to add dot point number 8: it would appear that i need to use stitch markers with socks. i have until now relied on the bit of left over cast on as the indicator of round-beginning, but twice on the weekend i knitted straight past it and had to do a lot of tinking in response! thankfully i have some rather pretty baubles i can use for this purpose!


Rose Red said...

All excellent advice! Especially the one about sheep poo.

Bells said...

Oh yes, we all learn the hard way. Should I find myself in a place filled with dust and sheep poo, I will remember your sage advice.

And I think they look lovely AND they look like waving lace socks. What are you talking about?

kms said...

maybe the photo here doesnt show up all the little bumps and lumps and larger than expected holes that i dont see in the pretty picture in the book! but i imagine it will look better after i do the whole set of repeats down the leg :)

TinkingBell said...

All very good points - like your stitch markers (and the bag), and the other point I would suggest is to always have very pointy needles for lace knitting 9knitpicks and addis both good - all those K2tog etc!) - I'll remember about the poo!