Sunday, June 08, 2008

crisis averted

everyone can breath a sigh of relief, knitting has resumed. as olivia predicted, the thing passed rather quickly, although i would not say i feel particularly confident to eat anything other than steamed rice and vegies tonight. again. nice way to go on a crash diet i guess.

i managed to crawl out of the house long enough yesterday (albeit in my pyjamas) to go to daves place for a tupperware party. trent needs some new rock n serves for work lunches and i really need some of those fridge vegie containers, so we got both. the sock came out of hiding while there:

today, trent has come down with a version of some illness himself, he cant decide if its flu or gastro or the thing you get before you die, but he is on the lounge, it is still raining, and the lichen ribs are finished. i tried to use his fancy new camera and got this:

he changed the setting and then the colour came up properly:

when there was some whinging at being moved around and a comment like 'there is a person attached to them you know', i explained, camera in hand, yes, and at film school we called them 'soft props'. so temperamental, these actor types.

anyway, project specs: Lichen Rib Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks (mansize)
Wool: Burrawool 5 ply naturally coloured border leicester in grey. just short of 100g exactly.
Needles knitpicks wood harmony DPNs (4) 2.5mm
CO: 60 stitches.
Mods: Leg and heel are as per pattern, the heel is a really nice variation on a short row thing that used a seam stitch and made a groovy little pattern under the heel. its a Welsh heel apparently. i like the effect of it but i needed to read it line by line so wont be reverting to it as a standard anytime soon. the pattern had a star of three points toe and that also required line by line, and these were car socks, so i just substituted my know-it-by-heart standard flat toe.

they have come up lovely and soft and warm and will be good under boots.

now i think its time to make a hat, finally.

k xx


Michelle said...

So glad you're feeling better. And great socks!

Rose Red said...

Oh I do love a Tupperware party - combined with knitting, it is my perfect party!!

Socks look great - amazing how different the colour looks between the photos!

Fernicle said...

Lichen ribs looks fantastic Miss Kylie! Good to hear you survived the bodily invasion :)

2paw said...

You know you are better when you can knit again!! Nice socks indeed, but weird colour thing!!