Monday, June 23, 2008

nothing to see here

it is a terrible state of affairs when you start a new job that means you actually have to go in to work! the office of the AHA (no i am not working for the australian hoteliers association, trent) is currently at macquarie uni but with a change in president i will be working at UNSW so it means helping with the move across town, which means i need training plus we have to pack up the office etc. i went up on friday and it was fun, there is a lot to learn but its really interesting and there is a lot of scope for some really exciting projects and so many great opportunities for me, i am really excited about it.

however, i have to go up again tomorrow and maybe even thursday and then to unsw on friday to sign paperwork etc. this means 1) i might not get to knitting camp till sat morning (aaaaagh) and 2) i had to spend almost all the weekend marking essays, much to trents (and my) annoyance. if i teach again next session i am definitely going to consider marking a workday only task.

i did have time to go for a drive up mt kembla yesterday with trent and we had a lovely lunch at the mt kembla pub and on sat morning i managed to meet amanda and her mum and the girls at the wollongong spinners and weavers exhibit:

where donni was displaying some of her beautiful scarves. i coveted the one she had around her neck but considered it rude to ask if i could have it, and i did try on the red one, but i abstained in favour of only buying baby stuff for someone. it hasnt been gifted yet so i cant really show it to you, all i can say is its not yellow:

so far today i have walked the dogs, washed up, had coffee/breakfast, read two book chapters for a meeting, and now must shower and rush off for a hectic day of marking and catch up meetings before rushing home, feeding dogs and heading off to the football (as if the bunnies can beat the titans, but anyway, one must be a loyal supporter regardless).

i am not at all sure about this working business....

k xx


Rose Red said...

Yes, there are many times when work is not all it's cracked up to be!! But nice for you to be starting a new job with lots of exciting possibilities ahead!

(I love that red scarf of Donni's too...)

2paw said...

Oh, I miss work!! But then I am strange. I think Thursday afternoons are the worst!!!