Tuesday, June 03, 2008

the usual post-weekend wrap

it seems these days that i end up blogging about either the weekend im about to have or the one i just had. so, here is todays installment about the weekend i just had.

it was trents birthday. we went up to sydney on saturday to watch the big tv with the cable thingy attached so we could see the waratahs lose to the crusaders in the super14 final (we dont have the cable thingy down here in our little shoe box). shame about the loss, but they played well, it wasnt a complete disgrace. i would say next year but theyve sacked the coach so....

i made the stephanie alexander cheesecake, this is what it looked like fresh out of the oven:

we got trent out of the house in the morning so the kids could do their surprise preparations which involved a lot of balloon blowing up and present wrapping:

in case you cant tell, the kids gave trent a heap of manly sea eagles paraphenalia - he was born in manly hospital so he gets to be fan otherwise i wouldnt speak to him.

then we went to a rugby league game out at the olympic stadium where about 12,000 people spread out in a stadium designed to take 80,000 and watched the bunnies go down to st george. not surprising. rusty was there tho, despite all this weeks drama. with the kid.

if trent had taken his other present he would have got photos of the pony-tail wearing one. thats because this is what i gave him for his birthday:

a digital SLR. trent takes good photos, i thought it was time he got to take them on a good camera. its only a starter one, not like a professional job or anything, but gee it takes nice pics.

for example, here is the cheesecake just before eating:

the best cheesecake ive ever eaten, let alone made myself :)

here is a little something i got in the mail yesterday for winning michelles blog contest:

isnt it divine? i think it will go well with the shawl, n'est pas?

there is no way my little digital would take such good colour shots in todays light, given it is raining (yay!!).

meanwhile, i am happy to report that despite the fact i still dont have a functioning office at uni (wednesday, i am assured), i am feeling rather calm and am starting to get an idea of what life is like post-phd. like i did some work yesterday for someone else, and it felt great. i didnt have to rush and think about what else i should be doing. i wasnt stretching my brain so bad it hurt. i left when i had done what i needed to do and today i will do some more of it at home. it feels a little bit normal. about bloody time!

k xx


Michelle said...

That cheesecake looks divine. Is it from the Orange Bible? I may have to try it.

Happy birthday Trent!

Glad you got your brooch OK. It looks nice with that colour red.

2paw said...

That cheesecake looks absolutely fabulous!!! Glad a good time was had by all, and you haven't had to stretch your brain!!!