Thursday, June 19, 2008


well i have been swallowed whole by the pile of marking that seemed to grow before my very eyes and i have not been able to get much past the heel on the second swirly sock:

i want to finish these so i can start a pair of simple rib socks in my other knittery merino/cashmere, and also because i cant wait and am going to hand wind a skein of that possum merino and start mucking around with that. yes i know i should finish the shawl first, but im thinking that might be knitting camp material, nice and warm in the lap, so its like wearing it while still knitting it. isnt it ironic that we have been back in wollongong a whole year and i have not made it to one single stitch and bitch usually because we have dog training or comps on the weekends, but i am free the weekend of knitting camp. i am just a little bit excited.

the last few days since i finished the hat have been a little warm but our naked buddha boy statue seems to like it:

i forgot to tell i inherited a sewing machine from dave:

thanks dave! it looks pretty cool and i am keen to try my hand at project bags and i set it all up and sat down and then realised i had no idea how to thread it:


apart from marking, i have about a gazzilion research assistant hours to finish before i start the new job sometime around july 14, and in there i also have a whole week in melbourne for the asian studies conference where the hegemony book is being officially launched. there is at least one day in the program where i can slip away and you know i need suggestions for yarn stores in the CBD, i am staying at albert park.

in other news, i have been asked to give the Vote of Thanks from students at my graduation in july. i will be talking on behalf of all graduands from arts, law and education. i think it is a pretty big deal, i am a little chuffed about it, but i am also trying to work out how to slip some kind of social justice message in there as well. somehow i dont think getting up and yelling 'stick it to the man' will be considered acceptable....

food for thought anyway.

k xx


Michelle said...

OMG - you're like a valedictorian! Congratulations! Yes, a social justice message would be a requirement, I think, even if it's just a "be kind to one another, help your fellow humans".

And yes, your threading is all wrong. Sorry :-( I'm not familiar with your machine, but all machines are basically threaded the same way, You need to unthread it, then start from scratch. From the thread holder, you go left - probably through that plastic lever? Then around/through the metal doovy on the top left, then guiode the thread down the right slit, under the white lever, back up past the 123 dial until you catch a metal lever, then down to the numerous metal threading things, and finally the needle. Did you get a manual? A tray for your tools? The metal thing on the top left is for your bobbin winding - you thread the machine differently then - around the top left doovy then back to the right where you put the thread through your bobbin and put that on the metal spindle and chuck the lever on the right ride of your machine so the needle doesn't move, and then press the foot lever. That right side metal doovy is the doovy that stops your bobbin winding once it's full.

Best bet, if you don' have a manual, is to search for one online. There are some people who scan old manuals and sell them for a few buck. Definitely do this - it's worth it.

Oh, and you got the job? Whoo hoo!

Michelle said...

Oh! A threading guide for the Singer 5525!

Janet McKinney said...


I am happy to spend some time with you to learn how to use the sewing machine - contact me on if you want to

Janet McKinney

Renee said...

very cool you are giving the vote of thanks...but they have to approve your speech so likely to quash any lefty statements! fight the power!!!!

Moorecat said...

Albert Park? You don't need to go into the CBD, yarn heaven awaits you in Albert Park:

Of course, Clegs is in the CBD:

Which week will you be in Melbourne? You might be here for a s'n'b session; be nice to put a face to the blog :)

TinkingBell said...

Yay you! Yes some message of social justice is always good - do unto others or love thy neighbour or even 'be excellent to each other!'

I have just re-discovered the joy of my sewing machine - and intend to have some more fun tomorrow!