Tuesday, June 10, 2008

moving right along

i am such a knitting slut. i promised myself when i finished lichen rib socks that i wouldnt start anything else until the swirly girl socks and the red shetland were finished.

but it didnt feel right to not be knitting something for trent. he says he doesnt need anymore socks right now. he does of course but maybe hes just sick of oohing and aahing over sock patterns and every centimetre of progress.

so i decided it was time to start a hat. i looked into it, i tried a few patterns, then i decided i would just wing it, yarn harlot style. i did a little swatch (yes yes but without a pattern it was important to try and figure out how many stitches to cast on for a 56cm head and the yarn is a kind of hand spun so its irregular in the ply-age department), and trent decided he liked the effect of it in garter stitch best, and then i thought a little rib around the edges might help to keep it on said head. but i hate single and double rib, so i did k3p1. its fun so far:

i know its not in the round, but i dont have the right length cable as two of my knitpicks cables are in action elsewhere, and sewing a short hat seam cant be THAT bad can it? this is beautiful yarn, natural (ie no colour) 100% merino straight off the sheeps back from a farm at cooma.

the best thing about starting a long weekend (some old imperial monarchs symbolic birthday apparently) still sick and when its raining is that you can easily justify doing this

rather than this:

marking? what marking? i dont see any marking....

k xx


Bells said...

oh yes, I can see how that will knit up beautifully! And I'd have swatched too - in fact I will when I use this yarn.

I love the idea of Trent oohing and aahing over every inch of a sock. Don't you just love our men?

m1k1 said...

Was the imperial monarch marking papers this weekend? I don't think so. So why should you!

Michelle said...

I don't see any marking either! Lucky! Could have been a problem.

Can't wait to see how that hat pans out. Also can't wait to see what your google stats say - bet a lot of people come to your site looking for the term "knitting slut"!

amy said...

If I'm making a garter stitch hat, I prefer to do it flat and then seam anyway. Garter in the round is more of a nuisance than a short seam, in my opinion.

"Old imperial monarch." Hee.

2paw said...

I'd give up the OIM's holiday. Marking?? Bane of a teacher's life!!! Hat seams are VERY short!!!