Sunday, June 29, 2008

this one time, at knitting camp...

(well someone had to do it)

seriously tho, i am home from knitting camp and it was just great. i am supposed to run my photos past someone for their approval first so i will be generic.

this is the view from outside the lodge:

this is the inside of the lodge after trivia contest, which came after 'christmas in july' dinner:

my table didnt win but we did get a perfect score on the Yarn Knowledge set of questions, largely because we were able to confirm that Lang Carpe Diem is made from baby alpaca and extrafine merino. so you know... the important stuff and all that....

these are the stairs that i fell down:

yes i did it, the first night, and im the only person in the whole bloody knitting world that doesnt drink!! after that we were all supposed to walk down the ramp, but we didnt, and i managed to work out how to stay upright in ugg boot slippers which i have never worn outside the house before. thats my defense and im sticking to it.

i got my moses fire 'swirly girl' socks finished, here they are with all the other self knitted socks people were wearing (bottom centre):

this is Room Number One of the Chalet, blurry to protect the guilty (we cant show you her face):

let us not speak of what took place in here.

i will just thank my roommates donni, bells, rosered and mel for the best laugh ive had in ages, and also the lovely ladies from CR&K who organised the whole thing, with the great food, and a huge thanks to all the lovely knitters i met, including finally putting some faces to bloggers, and also for the help i got from knitabulous with the ball winding and advice on the top down cardi which has been cast on (twice so far).

i am now madly washing and packing for a week in melbourne, i have the important information with me (ie, how to get to woolbaa from my hotel), and i probably wont post again till next weekend.

by the way, i SOOOO knew george would have the bump while we were at camp. hi grace!

k xx

ps thanks for the lovely comments after my last whine, you all made me smile :)


Bells said...

I had the best time hanging out with you Kylie. That was just fabulous.

And your fall was scary but kinda funny, too. You fell sort of gracefully.


Jejune said...

Wow, even with blurry photos protecting the guilty, it looks just divine, and sounds even better!! So glad you had such a great time!!

the stripey tiger said...

Hey so great to meet you Kylie! You gang even inspired me to blog again! :-) Stripey

Rose Red said...

Hee hee, great minds (see my post...) Love the sock pic, fabulous!

Michelle said...

Even with the blur I can spot that steeked jacket anywhere.

So glad you had a fabulous weekend! Next year I'm coming too, and I'll drag George with me.

MadMad said...

Your swirly socks came out great ! And I recognize Bells' Vesper Stripes, too, hahaha! It sounds like a wonderful, wonderful time. (Well, other than that fall, which just sounds very scary.)

Oh! And congrats on the great new job, btw!

TinkingBell said...

I want to go to Knit Camp!!!!

Yes Georgie had the Bump - but managed to order Wollmeise while in Labour - what a woman!!!!

Don't forget Buttonmani while you're in Melbourne!! Have fun

Donna (Random Knits) said...

Fantastic to meet you, Kylie! Now you have to come along to SnB :)
It was a great weekend!!

knitabulous said...

It was great to meet you. And you can wind your balls at my place any time you like!

I'm glad you didn't actually hurt yourself when you fell.

m1k1 said...

Thanks for leaving a comment for my 100th bloggyness.
If you would like to receive a little something I would be pleased to have you email me your address.
Proviso: there will be a little delay on account of the Tour de France KAL absorbing some of my attention.

2paw said...

What a fabulous time you all had, and I love the sock photo!!! Glad the fall wasn't too bad!!!