Tuesday, June 03, 2008

...plus a meme

or, everyone else is doing it....

1. What was i doing ten years ago?

almost literally, a politics exam. i had decided to go back to uni to finish my original BA after a few, um, distractions. trent and i had just moved down to wollongong and were living in government housing trying to get our lives back together, and we had our first dog, scout, who would later die in tragic circumstances, and despite it being govt housing surrounded by every dropkick on the east coast, we lived in a great spot and had a very simple, no frills life. i was 29 going on 30 feeling like a not-so-mature mature age student but i really kicked arse at uni this time around, HDs all the way.

2. What are five, non-work things, on my to-do list for today?

well stupidly i am writing this at the end of the day, but it goes something like this. finish this meme. finish making spag bol. kiss trent when he comes home and run through the 'what you did today' conversations. watch trent play with his new camera while i finally turn the heel on the second of his lichen rib socks. watch ncis in bed.

3. Snacks i enjoy?

oh god where do i start? you remember those Ruffles chips? they were my favourite. where have they gone? in lieu of them, any potato chip. preferably cheese and onion or salt and vinegar. vegemite on toast. really good fresh turkish bread and home made hommous. other assorted evil things, eg, kfc wicked wings and a bowl of real tiramisu. not really snacks tho, are they?

4. things i would do if i were a billionaire?

i hate to be me about it, but the first thing would be to buy a working sheep farm, and/or a house on an isolated stretch of beach. set up a press for young or first time writers, esp politically motivated ones. sponsor an aboriginal community project or two. knit. a lot. buy an original vermeer. retire to italy.

5. places i have lived?

this one is embarrassingly long. originally, maroubra then cronulla (sydney beach suburbs). then a sheep farm near tamworth. bruce hall at anu, followed by B&G and a flat in hackett. back to the sheep farm. various share houses in darlinghurst, newtown, summer hill. various government establishments (dont ask). a little house with trent in balmain. a government house in bellambi. back to sydney (concord) and then a house of a friend in redfern, then a flat on cleveland st ( i do believe that was hell), followed by a house in chippendale. then i think it was wollongong again (i may have the order muddled up here) to the house we are in again now, then to jamberoo than to macgregor, ACT, then back here to wollongong. yes im exhausted.

6. jobs i have had?

the usual childhood shop assistant type things. the shoe dept at big w tamworth for example. lots of childcare, afterschool care at lyneham public. vacation care. agency babysitting for posh people and hotels in sydney. a few semi-legal things. ok, they werent 'semi' legal at all but they were still work! policy administrator at an insurance company. admin and project officer at a big govt health service. research assistant, tutor and lecturer at uni. some new things on the horizon.

7. peeps i want to know more about.

antonio gramsci. sigmund freud. johhny depp. ok, so theyre not my peeps. but you get my drift.

meme away.

k xx


Bells said...

i wonder if anyone else is taking note of their friends' favourite snacks for next time they're entertaining? I am. I will hope to make hommus for you some day!

Fernicle said...

sounds like a great weekend even with a bunny loss...and I never knew you spent so much time at ANU/Canberra! Lived in Burgmann college for a year myself and escaped as soon as I could...lived in lyneham for most of the rest of my time in the Can...just round the corner from Tilleys...ahhh I sure do miss that!

amy said...

I LOVE tira misu. It's my favorite. Is it hard to get "real" tira misu there? It's all over the place here. Mmmm, so glad I live in a heavily Italian-American state!

And I just picked up the best hommus in the state this morning, from a deli one town over that makes it themselves. Delicious. Off to peel some carrots to go with it...

Michelle said...

Next time you come to Canberra, I am taking you to Tosolini's for real Tiramisu.

And yes, whatever happened to Ruffles? I loved them, expecially the BBQ ones.

Rose Red said...

mmmm ruffles. and tiramisu. I'm hungry.

and wow, I thought I'd moved a lot. I've positively grown roots compared to you - lots of different places too - very interesting!