Monday, June 16, 2008

hat harlot

continuing on a theme (sorry amanda), i have at least managed to be monogomous long enough to finish something. this is the yarn harlot's no pattern hat from 'knitting rules'.

yarn: perriedale 100% undyed handspun merino (purchased at old bus depot markets in canberra)
needles: 4mm straights
cast on: 102 stitches

i added a short section of 3x1 rib for the brim and then followed the harlots instructions working back and forth in garter stitch until it was as long as my hand from base of palm to tip of longest finger, then i decreased using the Type A method. she said this would make a nice spiral effect on the crown and it does but you cant see it so much in white:

she also said it is better to have a slightly longer hat than it be too short.

thats lucky then isnt it?

if you turn the rib up it actually fits really nice and snug on my head which is slightly larger than my teddy bears! for a first go of a hat i really like it and the wool is so lovely and soft and warm. even the sewing up wasnt too bad.

i am also turning the heel of the swirly girl sock number two so if i am lucky will have another thing Off The Needles by tomorrow night. at which point i can morally justify casting on at least two more.....

k xx


TinkingBell said...

So clever so busy - and congrats on the job!!! (All this in 2 weeks!) Sympathis on the lurgy - we all had it too - 48 hours apart! Greugh!

Bells said...

so lovely to see how it knits up!!

Rose Red said...

Heh heh, usually I reward myself when I cast off something by casting on at least 2 new things!! Yep, my wip list is always longer than my FO list!!!

Renee said...

oh so cute.. you've inspired me to begin a project after three years absence.... and nice work on the job!