Monday, September 08, 2008

FO bonanza

our first weekend at our new house was not spent at our new house but on the road to and from kioloa beach on the south coast for a flyball comp, where the phoenix (possums team) came first in division one, making the humans very happy, despite the fact it was freezing cold, blowing a gale and pouring with rain. ah yes, the beautiful south coast. it was fun anyway.

the travelling time meant i got my second pair of thuja socks finished and they are lovely.

they are in Colinette Jitterbug Copperbeach colourway (the colours arent so great in this pic), slightly modififed pattern, 60 stitches, 2.5mm needles, longer in the leg. i really love this pattern.

also i may have mentioned that i finished the lily cardigan last week. i have worn it twice already and am very happy with it. here it is hanging in knitting corner:

the yarn is touch yarns possum merino, i used about 3 and a quarter skeins, and it is a beautiful soft fabric with a slight haze and a flash of silver in it:

i wanted it light and slightly open so it was on 4mm needles, and i got pretty good gauge with the recommended stitches for my size which made life a bit easier. i did continue with side increases for a fair part of the body to make sure it flared out over area, and when i make it again (because i will) i will make it slightly longer.

i will also try and figure out how to make the ties at exactly the same spot on either side of the front because my guess work was off on this one and i have to move one of the ties, but for now it is perfectly wearable and the perfect weight for this time of year.

now i just have a shetland shawl and a clappy to finish! i did do a little bit of stash enhancement over the moving-transition period which i will blog soon... it may include some rather scrummy sock wool and a little bit of pretty alpacky for my summer lace project. more on that later.

k xx


amy said...

What pretty finished projects! I am going to get to Lily, I just haven't decided upon the yarn yet. From stash, or new? I'm so tempted, of course, to go for new. :-) And I like the socks. I think I have Jitterbug in that colourway--sort of brownish? I like it very much.

Michelle said...

What a lovely post. You sound so ... happy! Your FOs are beautiful. Love that Lily!

2paw said...

I am glad to move has gobne well, and you are back knitting with relish!! Thuja socks are one of my favourite patterns and Lily looks perfect!!

Bells said...

Oh nice work Kylie! Two FOs! Lily looks just marvellous. I am so inspired to make her now, too. All that tedious stocking stitch paid off!

Georgie said...

How on earth have you managed all that knitting AND a house move AND a new job??

Ive been dying to see the finished Lily (because I want one too) and it is very lovely.

Show us the alpacky!!!

Rose Red said...

I LOVE that Lily is hanging in your knitting corner - like a knitting art gallery - perfect! And you already know how much I love that Colinette colour - looks great in the socks.