Friday, September 26, 2008

mall rats

i am still not settled with my new grocery shopping routine. i like to have a set day and place so i know how long i will take, but there are so many options around here and each has advantages and disadvantages. like at one mall there is a great harris farm produce store, but a crap woollies. at another there is the worlds biggest woollies but no harris farm and i really hate woollies for fruit and veg. and then there is fresh produce market up the road, and another separate meat and fish market, let alone the fantastic bakery at our local village shops, and then suddenly youre running from place to place all day!

today i settled for the really big mall with all the shops but no harris farm. i took trent with me. he is 'sick' today (cough cough). we bought shoes.

well what are you supposed to do when rivers sell their $13 thongs for $1.90. mine are the pink and red ones. i also bought a pair of sandals:

i have spent the last few summers looking in vain for sandals that are practical and comfy without being daggy and i walk into colorado and there they are. on special, $49, thanks very much.

and you know how i said i was going to finish clappy? well clappy got frogged three times because i kept reading the KTBL as 'knit the front and back' and then wondering why my stitch count was going mental. but i did finally figure it out and now i have done three lots of the drop stitch rows which was freaky but cool!

however, just working on clappy and the rib socks meant only two WIPs and thats just not right. three feels better. an object, easy socks, and fancy socks. so last night i cast on what i am calling Tinkingbell Socks - they are the floating blossom socks designed by our very own ceri and featured in yarn 11.

i am using some yarn that was gifted to me by the lovely bells, cherry tree hill in 'serengeti'. i think they are a perfect match.

this weekend we are watching lots of football, tending house and having the in-law family over for a bbq on sunday. and maybe i might have to go to the mall again for something.....

k xx


Rose Red said...

Oh I am pretty sure you will *need* to go to the Mall at least once on the weekend. Maybe twice.
(excellent purchases!)

Love that sock yarn - can't wait to see how it looks when you've got a bit more done!

Taphophile said...

Oh how I miss Harris Farm! Love the sandals. :)

2paw said...

Oh, such good sandals. I am not sure I will find any green ones this year. They look as scarce as hens' teeth. Nice wool for Ceri's socks, can't wait to see them all knitted up!!!

TinkingBell said...

Great sandals and thongs!! We have no malls (well apart from the pedestrian one!) I'm so flattered you're casting on the socks!! I hope they work beautifully (runs to hide in case they don't!)

Bells said...

oh yeah, that yarn will match Ceri's lovely socks perfectly!

$1.90? I'm surprised you stopped at 3!!