Wednesday, September 03, 2008

what spring brings

so it has happened, we have moved back to sydney. it is very weird, i drove in to work this morning through the northern suburbs and felt very surreal. i was born and bred on The South Side and the north side of Sydney harbour is like a whole other planet to me! trent however was born in manly hospital so its like coming home to him. the move itself went relatively smoothly, apart from trent having to wait till 430 in wollongong for the f*%$wit real estate agent to 'inspect the curtains' which we had washed ironed and folded but not re-hung, before he would release the bond. yes thats right, we ironed the curtains, and they want to argue about them. thankfully that is the last real estate agent we will be dealing with a for a very long time. why is it that if you rent you get treated like crap?!

anyway, i have lots of pix. firstly, this is the view from the back porch at 5am on our first morning (we are still getting used to being able to sleep in):

nice picture trent. that is mist rising from the hawksebury river as it winds its way through the kuringai chase national park. (on that map, we are the bottom of the cottage point section). this is the traditional lands of the garigal people, whose land it always was and always will be, and it is a truly beautiful piece of bush, classic australian, sandstone, fire-prone bushland, full of kookaburras, rosellas and wallabies.

here is the front of the house:

it is the original house built in the 1970s for a family with 4 kids, so it has 5 bedrooms. one of them has yellow painted walls, and there is yellow daisy wall paper in one of the bathrooms. in fact, the bathrooms should be demolished, but we are going to spend some time painting and fixing up things that have been let go.

one of the first things i set up inside was, not surprisingly, the new knitting corner. here it is in all its glory!

this is the view from knitting corner, thank you very much:

cup of tea anyone?

this is the view of the back of the house, that fence-y thing shields an in-ground pool - i am actually looking forward to summer now!

here is the back yard for the dogs to run in (4 or so acres of it):

i think they like it:

and here are some of the first signs of spring - a bottle brush:

and some bulby-type things. bells will know what they are!

there is still a lot of unpacking to do, and the place has been let go a bit so we have a lot of weekends at home to look forward to, and if i had known that garbage night was tuesday morning i would have been a lot happier, but so far its going well and i am trying to shed my disbelief that this is our place, this is where we live now. the only sad thing is that bob is not here to see it, he would have been very happy.

on a final note, before i go do some actual work, is that lily is well and truly finished and i am wearing her as i type and am so happy with it i keep stopping to admire it! my only problem is that the ties dont line up making one side look shorter than the other if i tie it tight, so i will have to fix that, but otherwise its come up so much better than i expected. here it is blocking,

i will take better pix and blog the whole project soon.

thanks for all your moving well wishes, hope you are all well and happy.

k xx

eta: lily pic re-added - bad blogger!


Michelle said...

Five bedrooms, you say? Can I move in with you guys? I'll even bring my own paintbrush.

You knitting corner is absolutely dreamy. I am so happy that you are happy. I can't wait to see it all!

But no photos of Lily blocking - it must have dropped off your post.

Renee said...

wow. Can I say again, wow. So so jealous. If you ever need anyone to housesit/look after dogs, i'm your woman. So glad you have a place you can finally settle in to, and what a spectacular place. Can't wait to see it in person!

Rose Red said...

Wow!! Your place is amazing!! And your knitting corner - OMG I so covet your knitting corner. And also I am totally coming over sometime for a cup of tea. I will even bake!!

And finally, I love that you have a house with a bedroom for each of your dogs!! Heh!

Oh, and before I forget, nice job on Lily!! While it's still cool enough to wear her - yay!

Bells said...

so much amazing eye candy. I want your knitting corner. As I can't have it, the best I can do is come and sit and knit in it some time!

Those bulbs are Snow Drops! I have them too. Wonderful.

Hooray for Lily! She's turned out beautiful, even if you do have to make one little mod.

TinkingBell said...

What a wonderful place - and what a great knitting corner - how lovely! Now I know why you live where you live - what a perfect place!

Lily is very pretty - I think I may have to make my own.....

Dave said...

Wow! what a great place, you could be 100 miles from civilisation with those views. Can't wait to see it.

Olivia said...

I have to echo everyone else and say wow. Your new house, and your knitting corner, and your views, just wow. I hope you guys are very happy there. And I'm so glad you're happy with Lily, it's such a fun/silly 'new clothes feeling' when you have to keep checking yourself out all day!

Fern Wickson said...

Such a beautiful new home Kylie! And I just love that pic of the dogs, gem looks truly out of his mind deliriously happy! The bush and the bottlebrush make me feel really homesick...


Georgie said...

So glad it all went well. We cant wait to visit! And kit in your gorgeous new knitting corner....

Caffeine Faerie said...

I'm so coming to knit and play with your dogs one day. How dreamy is that place?

Jejune said...

Wow, it looks great! So much room, and sunny, and those views ... !

Sympathise about the renting stuff, been there, still there :p