Saturday, September 13, 2008

la de da

just a quick one. no knitting, the red shetland is moving along nicely and grows by the day but it is still a few days off yet.

now that we are back in the big smoke we get to go out at nighttime like civilised peoples. for our first big adventure, we went to the opera house.

mozart, don giovanni. absolutely breath-takinginly spectacular. i have a little history-crush on mozart but this is the first time i have seen an opera live. cant wait to go again. they are doing the magic flute next year....

tomorrow we are off to a camping show. you know, looking at all the gadgets you need to make your rustic camping experience more like a 5 star hotel experience. im a bit yawn about that stuff but at least there is good car-knitting time involved!

and today, before we settle in for a night of football extravangza (my team, his team AND the wallabies, go the wallabies) trent has found a new dog training club for him and jem to do agility at, and then because its warm we are going to clean the pool, but not before i set about cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms which were left a little bit less clean than i like. like, better to just nuke them unclean.

anyway, we are nearly all unpacked, here is the living room taking shape.

that bookcase took a whole wall, floor to ceiling in our old house. looks kind of small now. did i mention that trent works within walking distance of ikea.....

have a good one
k xx


Rose Red said...

Wow your house is huge!! (and I can see your knitting corner over there in the background!)

I think we'll be going to Ikea when we move to our new house. Billy bookshelves, anyone?

Michelle said...

I went to the opera for the first time about 3 years ago to see La Boheme. It was so beautiful and so overwhelming I think I cried during the entire first act.

I'm envisaging huge custom-made bookshelves on that wall, floor to slopey ceiling. With a ladder.

m1k1 said...

Hard to imagine anything better. Knitting corners, views, space for gazillions of books (yes! a library ladder: must-have), and visits to the opera.
Took Himself to the opera while we was a'courtin - a bit of Puccini. Once married I heard him say "at least I won't have to go to the opera, any more". He denies it emphatically, but there are some things I Do Not Forget (haha).

Georgie said...

Well, if you *dont* mind...will you still associate with the likes of us what dont go to the op-er-y?? I am so very envious!

Your new place is looking fantastic. It has not escaped my notice that Trent now works nearby to Ikea. And that you come this way every so often. With a large vehicle!

Im with RR - love you Billy!!

Bells said...

I think I need to know what a Billy bookshelf is!! And I need to go to Ikea. I am a virgin.

Loving the look of your house. Simply can't wait to check it out in person.

I do think I must go to the opera one day. I don't generally get it, but I think seeing it somewhere special might help me understand.

Caffeine Faerie said...

Oh my god I love your house even more! The potential for vast bookshelves everywhere! (to go with that lovely leather chair you've got there).

I've nommed you too! ;)

2paw said...

Oh what a great house and you definitely need more bookcases. We don't have Ikea here :-( Nevertheless I have managed to have 17 bookcases!!
How very posh: The Opera!! Did everyone dress up??

knitting sprouts said...

you have been tagged! see my blog