Wednesday, September 10, 2008

transitional s.e.x

someone commented that once i had packed up knitting corner in the moving preparations, that perhaps i would use this as an excuse to do some stash enhancement, a la 'some people we know'. (it is not without reason that stash is now called 'george').

i scoffed at the time, but events did transpire that forced my hand on this front.

firstly, i felted the lichen rib socks (ravelry link) and had to order more burrawool to make another pair, because it really is spectacular wool and it made fantastic rib boot socks. i couldnt get any more grey but the brown is lovely - i already blogged about that anyway.

secondly, a long-forgotten order for some Socks That Rock arrived. my enabler was kind enough to post them to me so that they arrived on my very first morning in the new house. i got three skeins, some medium weight in 'knitters without borders' colourway, for the cause, and also for the colours, which are a lot brighter than shown here:

i think this might end up a one-row scarf (rav link).

some raven:

for boy socks (and because good dark colours are hard to find),

and some atomic:

because this is a perfect winter sock colour for me, and i dont have very many dark socks. i dont know exactly which socks these will be, tho i quite like the bacchus socks (minus the bobbles?) in the latest IK (which i finally received. speaking of which - what the hell is this? i dont mean to be mean, but i just cant get past the devo thing).

and thirdly, someone decided she had to pick RIGHT NOW to dye up some bruised bloodwood which i had been lusting after forever and couldnt let slide this time:

it is in luscious alpacky and is not going to be socks but something large and lacey to work on over summer. i quite like this wrap (sorry another rav link - sign up people!).

and just in case you think i am acquiring a rather large george (not that theres anything wrong with that), let me show you how modest it really is:

this is all my good wool. i have another basket that has odds and ends, some bendy, some patons etc. but thats it folks. you see how small it is really? see how desperate i am for more? see?

k xx


TinkingBell said...

Pshaw - hardly anything - you need major stash enhancement - some Bendi - or a trip to Wang perhaps.....

Michelle said...

You got some STR? Wow - I'm officially jealous! I really should go online shopping (well I will once I have a job that pays!)

I was going to mention that your George is a tiny bu, um, small. But that would be rude of me, so I'll just say "Kylie, your George is certainly growing!"

2paw said...

I love that this is your 'good wool'!! And when Tink says Wang, all I can think of is Numberwang. You could have YarnWang!!! Your good wool looks lonely, I definitely think you need some more!!!

Bells said...

Woo hoo! FABULOUS S.E.X. But yes, sometimes a bit more quantity is a good thing right? ;-)

Rose Red said...

I think further george enhancement is definitely required. Love the bruised bloodwood - I think that is a great pattern for it.