Saturday, September 20, 2008

the tag

right so i was tagged for the the 7 random things meme which is kind of like the 7 weird things. i will try to be random not weird.

1. i am a scaredy-cat. it pains me to confess i am scared of the dark outside at night time. still. the house where i grew up was surrounded by bush and up on short legs and it was always my job to go turn the hose off at night time (back in the days when you were allowed to leave your hose or sprinkler on the garden all day) and i was always scared something was going to come out from under the house and grab me. the fact that i still harbour this fear is probably weird.

2. i am a waterbaby. despite my pathological hatred of the australian summer i was born and bred on the beach and would spend most of my summer in the water if i could. i won backstroke races at school carnivals but never really learnt to breathe for freestyle properly. i am teaching myself to do this now. yesterday i did laps in a 27 degree heated indoor pool and then later tried to swim in my own pool which is not indoor and not heated. 18 degrees doesnt have quite the same zing to it. so thats weird too. (i am going in again today tho).

3. i am a bookworm. i learnt to read before i went to school. i collect books, i can not throw them out and couldnt possibly do bookcrossing. once ive read it, i keep it. my favourites are classic fiction, george eliot in particular. i have not read a fiction book since i started my phd which is a terrible state of affairs and something i hope to remedy over summer now that i am finished and can free up some brain space. not so weird, that one.

4. vegemite. love it. must have it everyday. crave it if i dont. that would be weird if you are american but then you eat jam with your peanut butter so.....

5. i am allergic to cats. i quite like them as a species, something about the independence i quite admire. i love that the dogs go ballistic everytime i get home but sometimes a nice quiet 'hey' would suffice.

6. i dont like gold jewellery on me. yellow gold i mean. just doesnt suit my colouring (i am a 'winter' apparently) (there, two random things at once!). so i wear white gold or silver. i mention this because last night trent gave me my graduation present. it is a handmade remake of an old el-cheapo silver ring that broke. this is one is 9ct white gold. niiiiiiiiice. (i will post a photos soon)

7. i am an early riser. i have never been a big sleeper-innerer. 6 is normal, 7 is a sleep in, 8 is after a night out and rare.

perhaps i am just weird after all?!

k xx


amy said...

My engagement ring and wedding band are platinum. I don't like yellow gold, either. I grew up in a town where the philosophy was the more gold, the better. I rebelled. Silver, then white gold, then platinum ('tho just for the wedding rings).

Michelle said...

I never used to like yellow gold until I lost my permanent NQ tan and became all pale. Having said that, the only gold I wear are my wedding rings and engagement ring.

Rose Red said...

I changed to yellow gold from silver when I got engaged. Now that I'm going grey (and can't be bothered dyeing my hair) apparently it's better to wear silver/white gold. Except that it would be a ridiculous expense, I'm seriously considering getting new wedding/engagement bands!!!

(I like how your meez is knitting in front of the pool!)

Bells said...

i don't know what I prefer - gold or silver. I tend towards silver but am not really sure what's best for me.

And I love being an early riser like you. I imagine people who struggle to wake up have a much harder time getting on with the day!

Had forgotten about you and George Eliot. She's my hero.

Stell said...

you know just like you my phd killed my novel reading for ages, I joined a book club - but that felt like home work. I've slowly got back into reading novels again - but the knitting takes priority.