Wednesday, September 17, 2008

today is pool day

its raining here this morning,

which is kind of ironic, because i am heading off for my first day of lap-swimming. this is the one and only form of exercise i enjoy, and there is a big aquatic centre nearby, so i am availing myself of its services.

also ironic, because we have a pool here, and its a biggun. we have no idea how to look after it, it is a salt-water chlorine pool (where the salt reacts with some sort of copper mineral to make chlorine, rather than adding the chemical stuff), and it has been let go:

i have a pool guy coming today to look at it. shame i dont have a cabana :) so today is all about the pool.

today is also the day the red shetland will be finished. this is where its at:

and thats all the wool i have left. its from nundle, so i could order some more, but i dont want to, and last night i started on another set of body repeats only to realise i also needed to do a 14 row edge to finish and wouldnt have enough wool to do both. luckily the first row of the body (where i was up to) is almost the same as the third row of the edging, so i should just be able to do row 3 of the edging now and carry on. it is pretty sizeable, and when blocked i think will be about as big as i want it, and the colour is a gorgeous deep red, not the bright pink i am getting on my monitor.

today is also day-of-working-from-home. trent has spent a lot of time and money to set up the wireless network in this rather cavernous place, (its working great, thank you honey!) so the office, which is downstairs, is now all set up and i should be able to do my research work from here.

in reality i feel like crawling back to bed and staying there all day. i am not, like almost the whole entire rest of blogland, sick (i had mine earlier thanks) but i am tired from not sleeping well and thinking too much. in the excitement of the move and the fun of settling in, it is easy to overlook what a huge change this is for us. i have had lots of other feelings since we got here, which im sure is all perfectly normal. but some old insecurities have emerged, which is a bit surprising, and i am also kind of sad about coming to the end of an era by leaving wollongong. glad about part of it, but sad about other parts. see, there i go, thinking too much....

in other news i have been 'nommed' and 'tagged' by some lovely knit-bloggers, but will make a seperate post for them later on. i will also, i hope, get some time to read and comment on everyone else!

k xx


Michelle said...

I'm glad you didn't say your shawl was POOL-ing. That would have been tragic.

It is not surprising you have been hit for a six with all the changes. I still get that sick-in-the-gut feeling all the time, as exciting as leaving my job was. I'm like "what the hell was I thinking?"!!

Bells said...

Yay for almost finishing the shawl. Next time we meet, we must both wear our red shetland shawls. Yours was the inspiration for mine!

You have your own pool? My word you have landed on your feet!

Get well soon!

Rose Red said...

LOVE the red shetland! It will be fab once blocked (hope you've got lots of pins!). Am v. envious of your pool.

I'm not surprised you are feeling a bit discombobulated! Lots of changes can do that.

Moorecat said...

Empathy on all of your changes; I'm going through a similar amount of upheaval, and I'll just say that uncertainty ceases to be exciting after a while, and just becomes a drag :(

But anyway, I'm also making the Shetland Triangle and have already decided, following in the footsteps of others, to make it larger than the pattern states.

Out of interest, how many extra repeats did you put into it? Which weight of yarn are you using? It looks about 4 ply, but my eyes could well be wrong - wouldn't be the first time.

Lucky you having a pool, btw!

TinkingBell said...

Pretty pretty - a shetland triangle os on my future (thank you Bells and Kylie) and I love yours!!

Wish I had a pool - even if I don't know how to drive one!

Fernicle said...

Now you have got me thinking to much about the idea of having a pool guy...dreaming rather than thinking I guess :)

The shetland looks delish!!

kms said...

hi moorecat, if you want to email me i can give you more details but its actually an 8 ply. i cast it off last night (with almost no yarn left and not quite finished the edging properly!) but repeat wise i just made it as big as i had enough yarn for. it gets very hungry at the end. i would say its at least 15 repeat tho.