Friday, April 13, 2007

it appears to have worked...

because the last task which i have to perform today is my least favourite, that is, vacuuming, i am finding there are a lot of things i need to blog about.

firstly i remembered to put sugar in the cheesecake and the mixture tasted nice, sweet with a hint of lemon. the initial ten minutes in the oven was too hot (cant turn off the fan) and it burnt the slightly overhanging crust:

but i have scraped the burnt bits off and it seems fine now:

except for the burnt crumbs on the top. sigh. i cant do a taste test on it till after dinner. fingers crossed.

meanwhile, the dogs sleeping beds have been put outside while i do the floors. they have taken turns in curling up in them. first possum:

cheeky little devil. then jem.

who says cattle dogs aren't really teddy bears!

i have also cast on and done three rounds of the waratah sock, that was my lunch break. but you dont need to see a picture of that. nor do you need to see pictures of my nice clean floors. if i ever get them.

have a great weekend
k xx


Bells said...

cheesecake looks marvellous Kylie and the dogs are cute.

Is that the second waratah sock??? You were working on the first one a while ago I think...?

kms said...

it is indeed the first, the second was complete on march 6

only a month in between socks!! will report on cheesecake flavour, its the "Any Fool Can Make" recipe from the good weekend but i am such a fool i forgot the sugar last time!!

kms said...

i meant to say its the SECOND, the FIRST being complete a month ago. unless i have some new way of making socks which is to make the second one first...anyway...

Georgie said...

Yummo, cheesecake looks devine! You will be very popular in your house!

Well done on the back of the wrap too, and getting through all the fancy needle-work.

Have a great weekend bossing those sheep around.

Fernicle said...

hot dang that cheesecake looks good!!!

how many sleeps until Italy...can't be long now.

I head to Arizona on wednesday and can't wait to feel the desert heat and swim in a skunky hotel pool...mmmmm

Jo said...

I can report that the cheesecake was scrummy and so was the whole roast dinner that preceded it. Cheesecake was even nicer the next day for lunch too.

kms said...

aw shucks thanks jo :)