Wednesday, April 11, 2007

treading water

i promised myself i wouldnt post pictures of the wrap until the back was finished. i have done with the armhole shaping and am now working my way up to the neck. the pattern is silly, it says to continue in stst until it measures 10inches from the first cast off row of the armhole. considering the armhole started at 14 inches from the band, why not just tell me to knit until the whole thing is 24 inches from the band, given that measuring 10 inches from a crooked arm hole to a neck line is a pain in the butt. so im just going to knit to 24 inches and i am hoping i will hit that sometime in the next 24-48 hours. it would be sooner if i wasnt being hampered by a pesky little paper i need to write for this conference in italy, which i leave for in only 13 sleeps! i wrote 1400 words of it today, good words too.

in the meantime here are some more pix of autumn. one out the bedroom window:

i hate this tree, all through spring and summer it makes me sneeze to buggery.

and then theres the vine in the backyard with the messy rose bushes.

pruning needs to happen soon i imagine, i have no idea about roses.

see you again when the wrap-back is done.
k xx


Bells said...

oh that seems so obvious, just knit to 24 inches. Silly pattern.

I'm sure it's looking marvellous though Kylie!

Loving those autumnal shots.

Taphophile said...

Prune the roses in early spring - preferably once the frost has finished.

Glad you're going well on that really bladly written pattern.

Georgie said...

sounds like all your tasks are under control! And only 12 more sleeps (now) til Italy.... bellissimo!!

kms said...

right, no pruning of roses till spring. thanks for that taph! nearly at the 24 inches!!