Monday, April 23, 2007

waking up early

its 4.40am monday morning. i have been waking up early the last week or so. hmm cant think why! usually i lay in bed for a while, toss and turn, disturb trent and go back to sleep only to wake up groggier than i would have been if i just got up. so this morning i decided to just get up. of course, there is nothing on tv unless you are in need of your soul being saved (for only 99.95 a month) or one of those new bean exercise things (also 99.95 a month - hmmm decisions). so i am on the computer before i go finish the second waratah sock (i'm at the toe, its close).

i have been reading about someone who dances with sheep and jo's excellent analysis of her progress in herding, and, for those who care, she is right where she's supposed to be, progress wise i mean, except in the fifth herding photo, shes in the wrong spot in the paddock, firstly leaving the open side for the sheep to run into and especially if we consider first pattern jo but i suspect that this was what was being yelled down the hill at you! and what is this weird reference to a dog you found at the camping show? strange girl. note to non-flyball people, be careful of flyballers, they're a little bit weird. especially if they see you have a fast little dog - run screaming if they come near you with a tape measure.

also at 440 in the morning, i am searching google scholar for references to gramsci's work on the turin factory councils. i have made reference to this aspect of his work in my paper for the italian conference but i am a bit nervous about it, partly because its a very well known aspect of his work in italy especially and its only new to me (also i dont have all the sources available where he wrote about them so my understanding is rather shallow at this point) and secondly because i have picked only one aspect of this work to write about and its the most controversial and i will be lucky not to get hammered. by the way, there is nothing useful on google scholar, going to jstor now. i usually prefer databases but sometimes google can surprise. not today.

perhaps its too early for google. its too early for me. need coffee....
k xx


Taphophile said...

Google Scholar - pht!

Hope you get the sources you need.

kms said...

i do, every so often, find something useful on google amateur-scholar but today it was definitely pht! apparently all the stuff i need is in books and im not taking all that on the plane with me. i shall have to make do with only knowing a little bit!

Jo said...

well, I thought I was in the wrong spot in more than one of those herding pics so maybe I'm doing better than I thought.

Jejune said...

I'm not surprised you're not sleeping well, given everything that's happening in your life at the moment!

You could always try my 18 year old son's schedule - stay up all night playing computer games, then stay up all day, and fall into a coma around 6pm.