Tuesday, April 24, 2007

no more sleeps

well technically speaking there is one more sleep but i dont think i will be doing too much of it tonight and i am leaving home at7am tomorrow so wont have time to blog then.

tomorrow morning i head off for two weeks in italy (its actually only 9 days when you take away the time it takes to get there and back). of course i am workshopping and conferencing so will be very busy and will have no time to look at paintings, drink coffee or throw coins in a fountain.

im not sure what sort of internet access i will have over there but will try and blog if possible, if not, see you all again on thursday the 10th of may.

stay well.
k xx


Jo said...

there better be fridge magnets!

Taphophile said...

Have the loveliest of times! Look forward to hearing all your adventures.

Jejune said...

Ciao bella! Have a wonderful time and safe journey - look forward to hearing about it when you return :D

Bells said...

safe travelling Kylie! Take care and have a wonderful time!