Monday, April 23, 2007

waratah socks

ok here they are, finished at 6am this morning. usual difficulties of photographing for correct colour apply.



pattern: picot eyelet socks

issues: firstly yarn - i had no idea what ply the yarn in the pattern was and i had 5ply. also i didnt have 3mm dpns so i used 2.75. also i have slighter wide feet so i went with 66 stitches. for the first sock, this was a problem - it was too big in the heel and i also knitted to 17cm from the heel. too long. the second sock was 64 stitches and 15cm, much better fit all round. secondly, i didnt knit the second eyelet row for the ribbon, these were really a practice exercise cos im using this pattern for my berry stripey spider socks including black velvet ribbon (which are coming to italy with me, not in my carry-on luggage of course). thirdly finishing at 5am in the morning. both these socks suffer from the laziness of their maker and the curse of the three needle cast off. not so bad in the first sock. the second sock was cast off at about 550am and so im doing the three needle thing thinking gee, this is easier than usual, only to discover that i have forgotten the cast off part and simply knit the two rows together onto one needle, which then required casting off in the usual manner. hence the rather clunky toe on the second sock.

dear ms spider, i hereby promise to only graft my sock toes from now on, love kylie.


Georgie said...

That yarn has knitted up really nicely and the picot edge looks great. I've had the same "doh" moment with the 3 needle cast off (but not on a sock, since Im yet to knit one...sorry ms spider, I'm thinking about my sock honest I am). I suspect I was breathing at the time so has reached the limit of things I could do at once!

440 am? what is that? Wouldnt be a few things on your ITALY???

Jejune said...

The socks look wonderful - I think the main measure of success is whether you can wear them or not - if they're comfortable, that's it, really!

Bells said...

i've loved these socks since you first started showing them Kylie. They are fabulous. You should be very proud.