Monday, April 09, 2007

spring break

my american students appear to be unaware that they are currently residing in the southern hemisphere and wished me a happy spring break in the last class before easter but it is indeed trying very hard to be autumn here - i have pictures to prove it.

spring break or otherwise, we spent the weekend in sydney doing dog training, eating fantastic indian food with good friends at faheems fast food and wandering down king st (memories), and then trekking around the easter show in the rain. usually we are doing some dog thing at the show so it was nice to be able to actually see stuff. i even convinced everyone to go on a ride. trent went a little green. it was great fun!

today the dogs got a wash after a long walk/roll in crap up the horse trail. here is jem not so happy.

but he smells nice now. jo, trent found these in the cupboard, do you think we should return them?!

and i have finally finished trents stripey socks - these are in heirloom jigsaw using pennys basic sock recipe.

i still have some work to do on my sock making technique and i am completely over the rib band at the top, but now i have a baby jacket to finish, the wrap to continue with plus the second waratah sock to knit. so much knitting so little time....

k xx


Jo said...

tsktsktsk, you will be up before committee is someone hears. That looks like the purple stuff Sandra was after actually.

When are we going to Faheem's again?

Dave said...

Variety is the spice of life Thai next time? A km's?

Trent said...

soon very soon! thai, spanish, win lotto Italian.

That Fido's for any one that may be interested came from an event that was co-sponsored by Fido's about 3 years ago for the pet expo at Penrith. Mark also supplied us with 3 fantastic vest that were given to Terry and Sandra and maybe Ron. Fido's are a fantastic company with a great products, that is always there to support flyball. thanks Mark.

Georgie said...

mmmm, indian....Sounds like you had a great time.

Socks look great, well done! Just in time to keep Trent's delicate tootsies toasty now that indeed autumn has sprung!

Taphophile said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Great sock modelling, BTW. :)

Jejune said...

Love those autumn colours - my favourite season!

Mmmmm, wet dog smell.... Dotter was visiting a friend's place this weekend and she said their 3 dogs hadn't been washed for so long they had dreadlocks instead of fur... eeeew.

Well done on the socks, they look great! How is the wrap coming along? Has the pattern settled down now?

kms said...

i have started the armhole shaping on the wrap and its looking good, although not as long as i usually make things. but i am trying to wean myself off making sacks for myself, so if my butt sticks out underneath a bit so be it :)

Bells said...

Oh Trent's feet look wonderful!! They turned out so well.

And those autumn colours are great. I'm in a suburb now that doesn't have many of those colours. I miss the inner north. :-(

Fernicle said...

Wow Autumn hey, lovely colours. We had an easter that felt like winter - tons of snow! I will try and post pics on blog soon. Sounds like you had a lovely spring mention of choc but I hope it was there in abundance!


Anonymous said...

Goodness, we've knitted our fellas the exact same socks!

Mine only took a year! *sigh*

pics of my feeble attempts are at