Friday, April 13, 2007

wrap in progress part one

ok, i finished the back of the wrap last night and here are my feeble attempts at taking pictures of it. im not blocking it yet, its just pinned out so you can see, and my camera angle is weird because i am trying not to cast a shadow over it, so it looks crooked but its not really:

there are a few things i learnt along the way - ssk is harder than it looks and im not sure if ive done it right so one side of my shaping is a little dodgy. measuring a 10 inch armhole is hard - from what point to where? - but i did try and make it as close to that as suggested, which means the whole thing is about half an inch shorter than required but that will block out. it has some funny little thing going on in the shoulder with the wrap and turn short rows - what the? - but i think its come up ok. mostly i am happy with the way the fabric is turning out - lovely and smooth and drapey (yes its a word spider cos i said so) - and there is no sign of fluffiness or pilling and the colour is perfect.

and now that i have contracted startitis from certain people, and dont feel comfortable unless i have at least three things OTN at once, i am going to cast on the second waratah sock before i start the rather more challenging front of the wrap.

i was hoping to get to a sunday snb this month as i thought it was next sunday (the 22nd) but it turns out its this sunday (the 15th) and i am down at michelago playing with sheep again. oh well.

today i am cleaning the house and making a baked cheese cake because jo and dave are staying here for the weekend (they like to play with sheep as well), so hopefully i remember to put the sugar in this one. will post a pic if it turns out.

k xx

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Bells said...

Drapey goodness.... :-)

Looking good Kylie!