Monday, April 16, 2007


yes i am the queen of the unfinished objects right now. two posts below is the back of the wrap and i have not proceeded to the front yet, partly because the pattern is frightening and secondly because there are two small things i want to get finished before i go to italy (9 sleeps and counting).

so here is the baby jacket for erin's little girl due in august whose name is lola. cute!!

and here is the start of the second waratah sock (not the first, as i have already knitted the first - see comments of post below for further confusion!). i have two pictures one with flash:

one without:

the colours in the second are closer to the real colours. it looks different again outside.

meanwhile the weekend was spent again out in a paddock chasing sheep, although this time at least miss possum did most of the chasing and she did it very well. we have had quite a mental breakthough and possum gets now that she works sheep for me, not for her own pleasure, but that these two things are not mutally exclusive. it feels different to have a dog who is not fighting me all the time and perhaps when we trial again i may do a little better!! jo and dave came herding as well and stayed here for the weekend- they both have kelpies, kobe worked out in the paddock this time and did great and annie is only 7 months old so is new to the whole thing but shows a great deal of promise. gittim annie! i dont have pix, i suspect they will be posted shortly on the 4ks.

we had a great weekend tho, i cooked an awesome roast chook on friday night followed by the cheesecake, which i am pleased to report was sweet and slightly lemony and almost perfect - it needs a smaller tin. and the company was pretty good too :)

back to the paper-writing
k xx


Dave said...

click's and whistles are sounding better all the time

Jo said...

Kylie didn't even swear at Possum this time either, maybe at Trent a few times, but not Possum! Real progress.

Georgie said...

Excellent news that you and Possum are making such good progress.

That picot edge on the waratah sock looks pretty good too.

And btw...what do you mean my conversations go six different ways at once? Ha! It just shows how nimble my mind is, zipping between topics like a a coolie between sheep....thanks for yout thoughts tho ;-)

Taphophile said...

Wow - what a productive woman - nearly FOs, papers, sheep and dog handling, cheesecakes. Missed you yesterday and guess we won't see you until you get back from *sigh* Italy.

kms said...

i dont think i will get to an snb before *sigh* that place (im not allowed to talk about it round here) but i will bring some handspun italian wool home with me. and its not YOUR conversation george but conversation around your table, which is what makes it such a great place!!

Jejune said...

Wow, you've been doing lots (or procrastinating a lot ;)

The cheesecake looks delish, Possum is behaving, and the wrap and socks are coming along very well indeed... but I'm afraid I can't agree with you about being Queen of Unfinished Objects - I'm currently applying for that title, with 7 projects on the needles.

Hope your preparations for *that place* are coming along nicely!

kms said...

oh my - 7?! yes you definitely win jejune. of course i had never heard of doing more than one thing at once before i met you lot, so i still have some catching up to do!