Tuesday, April 03, 2007


it has always bothered that me that in the blogosphere i am just plain old kylie. when i was setting up this blog i couldnt think of any groovy nicknames, largely because the ones that i had at school, or the ones that derive from kylie, are not groovy. so i have changed my display name to my initials, kms, so when you see that in your comments now you know its me. not particularly original but it beats 'bucky'. dont ask.


Trent said...

being a hobbit what about "Tigerlily Foxburr of Loamsdown"


Togo Brockhouse of Loamsdown

kms said...

well its lucky at least that we are both from the same shire! although i think i might prefer to be an elf called Tári Helyanwë, for example

Bells said...

i think both those options are wonderful guys - just a little hard for people to type out when addressing you! LOL !

Jejune said...

KMS, KMS, hmmm, let me think...

Kisses More Sweet
Knitting More Socks
Knitting Me Softly
Knitted Many Sweaters
Kinky Mocha Sage
Kleptomaniac Master Scribbler

I could go on! ;)

Jejune said...

Oh. Lulu has a suggestion... sorry about this.

Keeeeeping Maaaaaaaaaah Sheeeeeeps!

I know, I know. Makes no sense whatsoever.