Tuesday, January 01, 2008

annus horribilis

i was going to blog about all the things that happened and all the things i learnt in 2007 but frankly mr shankly* i am so glad to see the end of it reliving it in detail seems pointless.

it can however be described by three words: disillusionment, disappointment and discovery. i have been disillusioned by other people, intellectuals, so called friends, dog-people.

i have been disappointed in this regard as well but also in myself, how i have not handled some things well, how i have not managed to attain some personal goals, how i have not quite finished the thesis.

but then there is discovery, the things i learnt about myself, about life, new friends, the blogosphere, amazing knitting where i surprised myself with what i was capable of, all valuable lessons.

for 2008 some new goals have been set and some new processes already embarked upon, and the thesis will be finished very soon, and this book will be out in april, and there will be a proper job to acquire (gulp) so it looks to be an interesting year, if nothing else! i do think it will be a whole lot better in many ways.

the last few days i have been sad because jo and dave had to go camping without us - finances are tight with me not working over summer, so instead i set up summer knitting camp on the verandah:

the view's pretty good too:

new years eve was a lovely affair of a boston legal marathon (season three which we missed most of first time round on tv) and scrummy turkish pizza and trying to keep the dogs calm through the hours of illegal fireworks people feel compelled to let off on the beach. sigh.

today we walked the seacliff bridge and i am on the toe of the second Vog On ankle sock. very very happy jan.

hope you are all nursing terrible hangovers!!

k xx

* reference to the smiths song of the same name from quintessential gen x album 'the queen is dead'. a favourite.


Michelle said...

What a great spot you live in! On the next crappy hot Canberra day (which will be tomorrow by the looks of it) I shall think of you lounging on your balcony with that view, yarn and needles in hand!

Fernicle said...

Hope this year is a wonderful one for you Kylie! The book looks really exciting! I am so proud of you for that one, a really big achievement! You will be happy to hear that I am indeed nursing a terrible hangover. J and I are on holiday in Tromso and got very drunk for New Years. The only thing we got out of bed for today was to walk into town for a kebab! Will try and blog myself soon...xxx

TinkingBell said...

Happy New Year - what a great spot you live in!! (Most envious) and I love the Vogs- Your sock kniting has been screaming ahead (they're on my list for next - how did you know?)
The book looks most impressive - and don't worry - your thesis will be done this year and you'll find the perfect job (see? Optimism!)
Happy Happy Happy 2008!

kms said...

hehe great minds think alike! they are a great knit tink, i highly recommend them.

Bells said...

really, the only good thing that can be said about shitty years is that there is usually some gold among the piles of poo. There are good things and the challenge is to find them. I think you have and that's so great.

Can I come visit? I want your set up!

kms said...

very true bells. and all canberra snb-ers are welcome anytime!!