Friday, January 25, 2008

what jo made me do

arent friends wonderful? firstly they hassle you and hassle you about the weird spot you have on the side of your face until you end up spending a lot of money to have some lily-white doctor whos never seen a day of sunshine tell you that you have a BCC (dont click if youre squeamish) and that it has to be removed. by a plastic surgeon no less. dont panic, its not a big one, its in a 'good' spot (ie, not attached to anything other than cheek tissue) and it wont 'melanoma-ise'. it is from the sun, nothing else, and i now need to smear myself with zinc for the rest of my natural life. i have otherwise olive skin and a few other normal looking moles so am not a risk for the big M but still its not nice to know i have become yet another statistic of the australian life style.

secondly, as a bribe, friends like jo take you out for lunch afterwards and this is what they make you eat:

for lunch. the waitress asked if i was waiting for anything else and i explained to her that all five food groups were represented, thanks. bad jo:

she also made me go to this yarn store:

i didnt want to you know, but it was right there so...and they had this wall of stuff called ranco or something....

which she made me buy some of:

not my usual colourway but if i make another pair of pink red or purple socks i think even i will go crazy. perfect for poms tho, dont you think?

i think i fell in love with this one but i left it alone:

while we were there there was a sale on this stuff:

$2.50 a ball thanks very much. perfect for winter rib boot socks for me and trent. matching. how cute.

i personally only agreed to go in there because i needed these:

everyone else has harmonys, i thought i should get some :)

just so you know how GOOD i was, this is what jo bought:

see honey? im a GOOD girl. not like jo. bad jo.

when i got home last night there was this waiting in the mail box:

thanks jejune, they're gorgeous!

arent i lucky to have such good friends?!


ps. you know how im nearly finished the pensky? well this little basement yarn store i know about are looking for casual/part time staff. do you think its a waste of a phd to go get a job in a yarn store? i dont.....


Bells said...

oh god no. Go work in a yarn store with a PhD - why the hell not!!!

You did SO well. Personally, I think you should have snapped up lots more!

And you know, that heirloom yarn could make great leg warmers....he he

I'm glad Jo made you shop and indulge!

amy said...

What a good friend! I go for a yearly derm exam. I have Mediterranean blood (Italian and Portuguese ancestry) and I admit, I don't slather on the sunscreen like I should, because I don't burn.

And if I could work in a yarn store I definitely would!! Is the value of the PhD in the getting of it, or the having of it? If there's inherent value in the work done to achieve it, then there's no such thing as "wasting" it. I'm not explaining myself well, but no, the short answer is--I don't think it's wasting it if you work in a yarn store.

2paw said...

Glad you are OK, and I am sure you were still under the influence of the doctorial drugs when you did all that buying!!!

TinkingBell said...

Yarn store - PhD what's the problem - hell I've got 4 dgress and I'm at home with the kids!!! _ Go yarn store - the only catch for me would be that I'd end up owing them money for working there - same as I did when I worked in a bookshop! Couldn't afford to have the job there!

Georgie said...

Jo is indeed very bad - she's made *me* go and look at that yarn too! Lucky I cant do the chocolate thing over the internets....

And hell yes, Ive been daydreaming about a yarn shop for ages. Or a bookshop. Nothing wrong with doing a phd followed by that at all!

Jejune said...

Very glad you've been checked over and had the bad thing removed - and yes, you're very lucky to have such a good friend as Bad Jo ;)

Glad the goodies arrived safe and sound - although I notice the KitKat didn't survive to have its photo taken, LOL!

Go the Yarn Store, I say!

kms said...

kitkat? what kitkat? hehehe

havent had The Thing removed yet, she wants me to go in and see someone and have it done all proper etc but i will resist that for a while yet. besides, im quite attached to it. sorry, bad joke :)

Jo said...

so now my name is 'bad jo?' hmmm. This from the person who knew there was a back entrance into that yarn store and who knew how to find it. This is from the person who who failed to tell me of the whole 'needles only' mission. Didn't take alot of arm twisting to buy anything (she's saying which one of these will I get, not don't let me get any!)

and not to mention this is from the person who didn't need the menu at Lindt cafe, already knew what she wanted before we got there....

bad Jo?? I'll wear that but I think badder Kylie!

mel said...

Hell yeah, come and work with me!!! I was off work that day but would have loved to have met you Kylie. Everyone there has one degree or another, except me that is! Come on, you get staff discount...

MadMad said...

Oh, it's just me again. I'm still here, poking around because a) that yarn store looks like it's to die for, and b) I have Ranco!!! It is the best! Love it, love it, love it! (It felts up a bit, though, when you wash, so you might want to actually follow the care instructions there, as opposed to what I do, which is pretty much ignore them...)