Tuesday, January 29, 2008

surviving the long weekend....

thank god its tuesday. the weekend has been so packed with stuff, i need today to recover! it went something like this....

saturday was lovely. morning tea at donni's (very civilised), meeting donni and rosered for the first time (how great is it to finally put people to their blogs?!), catching up with bells and george. much knitting, project and yarn envy, and stash fondling ensued. followed by lunch at the patio...sorry, piato. (btw, whats with australia day? can someone explain nationalism to me in a way that doesnt make it sound like the euphemism for racism that it is?) good food, more knitting. some of us were seriously knitting:

some of us were seriously suffering from a bit of overindulging the night before!

note: never try and get from canberra to wollongong and back in a day with a hangover.

i got dragged away at 330 to go help with a flyball demo at the kiama show. it was stinking hot. i wasnt happy jan.

sunday we had to get up at duck fart and drive to sydney where we put the dogs into doggy day care at jo's and then proceeded up the F3 to knicumber for a bbq lunch with trents long-lost relatives. an uncle just died, so this was one of those 'we really should get together more' things. trents cousins who he hadnt seen for 30 years were there. it was really lovely actually. i didnt need to pull out my knitting once.

note: you know how once i blogged about the perils of knitting while driving? there is also the peril of knitting while driving AND your partner makes major announcements like 'i want to change my life'. i dropped a stitch and it unravelled down four or five rows. sigh.

anyway, we had to leave gosford by about 5 to get back to sydney in time to pick up the dogs and go out for dinner for daves birthday. here are jo, dave, amanda and scott:

and amanda and scott's lovely girls sidney and mackenzie:

i think i fell asleep into my tiramisu.

monday we didnt get much rest either because there was flyball training (we are in training for the national championships being held at the canberra royal show last weekend in february), so there is extra training every weekend. we all headed to scott and amanda's for a swim and a bbq afterwards. possum wouldnt get out of the pool and now looks as tired as i feel!

on the knitting front, i did manage to rescue the unravelling jaywalker and have finally finished the first in the pair:

i also figured out my problem with the cuff on the fancy silk sock pattern. of course it is simply that i am an idiot and cant read a pattern properly. the stitch that needed to be slipped was not yarn over, but was a proper knit stitch because it was the last stitch of the knit round, not the lace round. der. this photo doesnt do it justice:

but it is actually looking like its supposed to.

meanwhile, i got some good feedback about the pensky file on friday from someone who is not even my supervisor and who read about half of it in two days while the actual supervisors who've had it over a week have said nothing. the feedback was about bringing out the argument more clearly and some minor structural things, so i am carrying on with that today. i will be happy with it by the end of the week. i suspect the supervisors will not be, at which point the fun begins. but lets not think about that now.

surely there are socks somewhere that need knitting?

k xx


Georgie said...

Good to see you captured ALL of my chins in that pic! It was a lovely, lovely day.

Sounds like about 4 weekends packed into one. You should have a lie in and a nice relaxing day.

Oh, and excellent news on the PF (well, that youve had good feedback for *someone*, not that your "real" supervisors cant be bothered!)

Rose Red said...

Mmmm flattering!!! Heh!

Yay for finishing the Jay and pink sock looks most promising!!

kms said...

personally i think youre all beautiful and that im damned lucky no one had a camera pointed at me. more 'australia day slice' anyone?

bells said...

oh ha ha ha. What a crack up. Poor Jane and I look about as wrung out as we felt! Good one Kylie.

Let's do it again (this time I'll drink less wine the night before).

2paw said...

There is nothing like meeting people in real life!!! Glad you all had a wonderul time: Some more than others!!
Happy to see the pink socks have sorted themselves out too!!!

Donni said...

Yes Kylie - thanks for the Slim and Sophisicated photos...I don't think you can see all of my double chin if you can see past MY ARM CURTAINS! Charming photo/s.

Still - fat and happy - it's a good way to be. Thanks for a lovely Saturday.

amy said...

I love the photos of bloggers!! I think I can just see Georgie's baby bump. :-) And RoseRed and Bells look hilariously hungover! Thanks for sharing those with the rest of us.

MadMad said...

Bells sent me over to see pics! Yay! Looks like so much fun. (Though Bells looks pretty much like she wants to die, and that wouldn't be so much fun...) Great blog, btw. Mind if I stick around? Love that pink yarn...

kms said...

but of course you can hang around, the more the merrier!

by the way, i had permission to publish those photos, just in case anyone was wondering :)

TinkingBell said...

Great to see everyone (and you all look wonderful BTW) apart from incipient Hangovers (berrocco anyone - damn! that's yarn - berroccA anyone) love the socks!

Jejune said...

Oh, it look like you had such a wonderful time, hangovers notwisthstanding ;) Great to see you all!

What a rushed weekend you had, Kylie - hope this week is less hectic!

Carol said...

Great photos!!! I think Australia Day could to us knitters from here on out be known as National Knitters Day. I like to think of it like that.