Thursday, January 24, 2008

multiple dones

for some reason i feel the need to document every part of this finishing-of-the-pensky process. perhaps because it has caused so much grief, and also perhaps because i dont quite believe its nearly over! if i see it on a blog perhaps its more real....

anyway, yesterday i whizzed through the disaster area that was chapter three and got it fixed up in record time. then i copied it into the wholedraftv6.document and then i got butterflies in my tummy.

i took all the old versions of chapters out of the file:

and stored them in my library bag:

there are earlier versions here i might need to refer to yet.

then i ran to officeworks to get more paper (yes another rainforest gone in the interests of academia) and printed the whole thing out:

it is 72000 words. 179 pages. a bit short but i havent double spaced it yet :)

i punched holes in all the chapters and refiled the whole thing, separating each chapter for ease of reading:

and then i started to read the whole thing through, which i have not done so far. i am putting little post it notes where i need to check references or fix a sentence. i only got to chapter two and so far it reads pretty well and seems to coincide with what i finished up doing (i wrote the beginning so long ago it would not have surprised me if it had turned into something else in between). i have a meeting with a not-official supervisor on friday for some friendly feedback esp on the theory stuff. he said on the phone that its too easy to read. we're not sure if this is good or bad!

anyway. this part is done. trent says i cant have multiple dones but what would he know? he thinks dancing-welding-leg-warmer-wearing girls are hot so....

k xx

ps. no more knitting to report. i have frogged the fancy sock cuff and am going to sydney today for a skin doctor appt and then jo and i are heading into the city to a certain yarn store where i will buy the correct size needles. nothing else. just needles.


amy said...

Of course there can be multiple dones. Congrats on this one. I think breaking it up into chunks that you can see are completed is probably better for your sanity than not feeling you've finished anything until it's "done done."

At least squish some yarn while you're there. You deserve it!

Trent said...

whats not hot about this
leg warmers

If I could just get her a welding helmet.

Rose Red said...

Yay you - it looks great! And I think "easy to read" is a good thing.

I think you deserve a reward...more than just the correct sized needles!!

Caffeine Faerie said...


It looks good! Nothing like that final burst of adrenaline either, is there?

2paw said...

At LEAST nice needles, and maybe a special treat for all the Doneness!

helen said...

Oh yeah! splurge! Go on. Do it!

Trent's right. That is hot. he he

Georgie said...

I'm staying right away from the legwarmers issue....

It looks so good! 179 pages is NOT too short! And easy to read is good, good, good!! I hate the academic attitude that it should be wordy and impenetratable so the muggles wont get it. Stoopid.

Very proud of you!

Jo said...

just needles she says!

only told me that after we left the store laden down with lots of other stuff. I expect she'll blog it shortly. there was significant quantities of multi coloured araucania purchased by both of us.

Some additional sustenance was required and the lindt cafe was handy so.....