Tuesday, January 08, 2008

today's view

here is what the pacific ocean is doing today:

holiday makers gone. high tide, and grey clouds, but no storms. yesterday i went swimming and got sunburnt. you would think 30 plus years of living under this sun would teach you to put sunscreen on, even if you are just doing laps in the pool. although i am pretty sure even a few years ago i wouldnt have got burnt in a half hour.

it is appropriate that it has dawned cloudy and slightly cooler as today is D Day for Chapter Six. it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. i need only a mere 2500 words to call it finished and i have no doubt i can do that. then i think i can get at least some of the conclusion done this week as well. happy about that.

on the knitting front, this is all i have managed on the sock topper hat:

the problem is obvious. i am already knitting a pair of stocking stitch socks with this yarn. yes its patonyle, so its lovely to work with, but do i really need to be doing TWO projects with the same yarn in stocking stitch? no, i didnt think so. so sorry little morton baby, no sock topper hat for you just yet.

the jaywalkers are slow but look good:

they are slow because i think they too are kind of boring. as i read somewhere else (sss i think it was), basically this pattern is just stocking stitch with the odd double decrease and K/F-B. the effect is neat, and this yarn is lovely, so smooth and soft, but the process, ho hum. i need lace. i need it now. i still havent decided on a shawl/stole pattern for that polwarth/silk either but i cant get that shetland triangle out of my head.

anyway, enough idle chit chat. one last gratuitous pic of puppies wondering why i didnt take them across the road with me:

see you on the other side of chapter six
k xx

edit: 3.37pm. i think chapter six may be finished. its 8300 words. i havent read it through yet but it feels finished. i wonder if thats a legitimate response to reader feedback....(not that i will be getting any from the you-know-whos).


Rose Red said...

Jaywalkers are looking good - I knit at least 2 other pairs of socks while I had the jays on the go - variety is good!

Good luck with chapter six!

Taphophile said...

Go Kylie - I'm pulling for you, baby!

2paw said...

You need some Ho Hum socks for knitting while you are doing something else!! They do look good though.
Those puppies have the gift of looking totally neglected and so sad!!!!! Poor babies.
You are so right about the Sun: when I was little we never got burned at the beach but now, I can barely manage any time in the full Sun.