Monday, January 21, 2008


today it is cool and raining and i have set myself the task of welding all the bits of the pensky file together, and delivering a whole document to supervisors. (this is plan a. plan b involves ignoring unhelpful feedback). involved in the welding is rewriting the last paragraph of the conclusion (things got a bit waffly there), inserting chapter summaries into the intro, and putting in missing theory references. all that is then required is to fix up chapter three.

over the weekend, our flyball team ran in a competition at the dapto show. it rained. there were about 10 people in the audience. some teams withdrew. but our team came first, running 4 dogs in 19.05 seconds, our fastest ever time. it was fun despite the fact that i forgot to take my knitting.

regardless, i finished the matching contrast sock for daves pair yesterday. i tried it on and it fit me which makes me worried it is too small for dave.

i stupidly gave him the first one so had no visual comparison, only my notes. anyway, how lovely is patonyle to wear?

i have also attempted to cast on the fancy silk socks in vintage socks:

using my own personal made to order happy spider yarn in sugarmelon colourway:

this yarn reminds of me fairy floss. i am upping the stitch count and needle size for fit as i dont like to overstretch lace in socks. it seems like a complicated pattern and i am a little bit afraid. will report progress.

back to the welding.

k xx


Rose Red said...

Yay for the doggies!

The socks look great and I love that Nancy Bush pattern - you can do it!!

happyspider said...

It's not as hard as it looks - your brain will adjust quickly to the pattern. I would suggest casting on and knitting the first couple of inches at a larger guage than the rest: the pair i made are a bit tight at the top.

Georgie said...

Watch out you dont cause any spotfires with sparks from your welding, teehee! Sounds like you have a good sound fire management plan in place though.

I love both that pattern and colourway - go for it! You have nothing to fear but fear itself!!

2paw said...

Patonyle is beautifully soft and delicous. I have a few balls I am saving for a rainy day. Lovely Fairy Floss wool!! Well done to the dogs too!!! Very fast and clever!!

TinkingBell said...

Pretty pretty - You go Girl!! Whip that Pensky file into shape!

Taphophile said...

I have an image of you dancing around a la Jennifer Beal in Flashdance welding the Pensky file.

It's amusing me, no end. ;)